Treasure Island

krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

[krishi nair] (1964 and doing pretty good.. / Thiruvalla, Kerala)

Poems of krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

41. Someday we will all go............ 11/10/2013
42. Sri Ramana Maharshi 5/15/2014
43. The Cold Lamp Post 11/18/2013
44. The dam and the damned 11/6/2013
45. The girl child....... 5/5/2014
46. The monkey song 10/17/2013
47. The Naked Truth 11/14/2013
48. The patient spider 10/2/2013
49. The same eve once again....... 12/19/2013
50. The Silence Of The Lambs 11/19/2013
51. Those dusty book shelves of childhood... 12/15/2013
52. To all who are searching for love 11/28/2013
53. To Wilfred Owen - my favorite poet 10/3/2013
54. When He Finally Set Sail 10/27/2013
55. When The Sun Sets On Me 10/7/2013
56. Where are You? ? ? 12/19/2013
57. Where the mind is always in fear.............. 12/26/2013
58. You can take him home now...... 12/20/2013

Mahatma Gandhi

Will there ever be in history books such a glorious one
Who almost singularly brought an empire down?
Making Ahimsa and Satyagraha his lethal weapons
He fought till the oppressors left with their dented crown

An epitome of simplicity all his life
And God almighty his friend and guide
He sought to include and never to divide
This disunited mass of Indians spread out wide

[Hata Bildir]