Treasure Island

kibrom habtu


Poems of kibrom habtu

1. An Inch 8/24/2010
2. At 2: 39 am 7/15/2011
3. Black Beauty 1/18/2013
4. Sue My Heart 1/1/2011
5. tears 8/9/2010
6. the moon is blind 6/5/2010
7. undo this moment 7/27/2010
8. Unwantede 6/5/2010

undo this moment

my sweet, my soul, my heart
unstressed my mind, uncover my eyes
unloved my body, my silence cries
unfreeze my hands, unquestioned my heart
unfold my tongue, lets not depart.
unwise your self from selfishness
unlock the secret of beauty and be relentless
but the entire hope disappears
while your hand touches softness

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