kibrom habtu

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Poems of kibrom habtu

1. An Inch 8/24/2010
2. At 2: 39 am 7/15/2011
3. Black Beauty 1/18/2013
4. Sue My Heart 1/1/2011
5. tears 8/9/2010
6. the moon is blind 6/5/2010
7. undo this moment 7/27/2010
8. Unwantede 6/5/2010

Sue My Heart

Beneath the somber deeds of thought
I obstinated my self and vend my heart
Before my hands reached to you in the night to call
My eyes saw thy serene joy emptying my soul
My ears heard thy sweet judgment provoking the pieces of my heart….unbending
My knees felt the long distance while the grievous justice remains forgotten
And I sat
Am I to thee a fortunate lover?
Though I was caught by love and I went undercover

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