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Itai Oscar Poems

1. Emma 6/16/2013
2. If Our Love 6/17/2013
3. That Dark Night 6/17/2013
4. Thwarted 6/17/2013
5. You Say You Love Me 6/18/2013
6. I Fell 6/18/2013
7. Dead Vision Resurrected 6/21/2013
8. If Only... 6/21/2013
9. I'M In Love With You 6/22/2013
10. Your Lady - Your Garden 6/22/2013
11. Letterbox Complaining 6/22/2013
12. Early Morning 6/23/2013
13. Undecided 6/24/2013
14. Broken Promise 6/25/2013
15. A Lesson From A Dead Man 6/26/2013
16. Died In A Good Old Age 6/26/2013
17. The Monster Words - 'I'M Sorry' 6/20/2013
18. The New Tenant 6/20/2013
19. Eyes Of Love 6/20/2013
20. Can You Imagine 6/27/2013
21. The Word Of A King 6/28/2013
22. Judas Iscariot - Aftermath 6/29/2013
23. That Old Serpent 6/29/2013
24. Final Exam 7/1/2013
25. Midnight Call 7/1/2013
26. A Decision That Changes Things 7/2/2013
27. Authority On My Shoulders 7/3/2013
28. Creator And The Created 7/4/2013
29. Dusty Road To Success 7/4/2013
30. Love Victim 7/5/2013
31. Heart Break 7/26/2013
32. The Momment... 8/1/2013
33. Earth You Are Unsatisfied 8/5/2013
34. Dear April 8/9/2013
35. Thorns On A Rose 8/24/2013
36. Lost In Love 10/8/2013
37. I Honor Poets 2/26/2014
38. A Wounded Soldier 2/27/2014
39. I Wrote This To Her! 2/27/2014
40. Do You Have One Brush? 2/27/2014
Best Poem of Itai Oscar

Bright Future

At the midday of my life,
I take a glance at my rear view mirror
behind me I see speed humps, curves and road blocks
I come into cognizance that there has been a delay
time had evaporated gradually
inspite of the delay, I won't give up

The melancholy evaporates like dew at sunrise
the mist of confusion subsides gradually
through my window with my head out, I wave goodbye
goodbye to midlife crisis

Through my windscreen I see a glitter
my future is so bright I need sunglasses
my blurred vision regains its former strength
fresh fire is ignited in ...

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A troop of the enemy rushed my way sweeping everything on its way but before it reached me they were thwarted.

Hounds of demons came stealthily camouflaged like the American army in Iraq but before their scent reached my nose they were thwarted.

A hurricane of poverty forcefully jetted my vicinity but was thwarted. Its power diffused effortlessly like a bomb in the hands of a bomb disposal squad.

A whirlwind of trouble tried to uproot me but its mightyness was thwarted.
Like a baobab t

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