Treasure Island

Haden Chua

Poems of Haden Chua

1. Abandoned Was My Eventual Fate 6/23/2012
2. Black Widow 6/26/2012
3. Freedom of Truth 3/19/2013
4. Landscape 1/5/2013
5. Memory Lane 6/23/2012
6. Mother Nature, The Beauty Queen 6/28/2012
7. Path to Enlightenment 8/5/2012

Black Widow

Sweet and charming she may be,
What you see is not meant to be.
Lovely nymph born with the gift of gab,
Emotional vampire fills the gap.

Manipulative mind behind those lovely eyes,
Entrenching her prey in her web of lies.
Loving her man as deeply as illusion permits,
Keeping her man as lonely as a hermit.

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