George Borrow

(1803-1881 / England)

George Borrow Poems

1. Bear Song (From The Danish Of Evald) 10/13/2010
2. Birds Of Passage (From The Swedish) 10/13/2010
3. Elvir Hill (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
4. Elvir-Shades 10/13/2010
5. Fridleif And Helga 10/13/2010
6. Glee 10/13/2010
7. Lines To Six-Foot Three 10/13/2010
8. Madness 10/13/2010
9. May Asda 10/13/2010
10. Miscellanies 10/13/2010
11. Runic Verses 10/13/2010
12. Sadness 10/13/2010
13. Saint Oluf (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
14. Scenes 10/13/2010
15. Sir John 10/13/2010
16. Sir Middel 10/13/2010
17. Sudden Chorus 10/13/2010
18. The Broken Harp 10/13/2010
19. The Death-Raven (From The Danish Of Oehlenslaeger) 10/13/2010
20. The Heddybee Spectre 10/13/2010
21. The Heroes Of Dovrefeld (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
22. The Old Oak 10/13/2010
23. The Suicide’s Grave (From The German) 10/13/2010
24. The Tournament (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
25. The Violet-Gatherer 10/13/2010
26. Thoughts On Death 10/13/2010
27. Waldemar’s Chase 10/13/2010
28. Youthful Maidens 10/13/2010
29. Ode (From The Gaelic) 10/13/2010
30. The Elder-Witch 10/13/2010
31. The Hail-Storm (From The Norse) 10/13/2010
32. Aager And Eliza (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
33. From Allan Cunningham 10/13/2010
34. The Deceived Merman (From The Old Danish) 10/13/2010
35. Ode To A Mountain 10/13/2010
36. National Song 10/13/2010
Best Poem of George Borrow

National Song

King Christian stood beside the mast;
Smoke, mixt with flame,
Hung o’er his guns, that rattled fast
Against the Gothmen, as they pass’d:
Then sunk each hostile sail and mast
In smoke and flame.
“Fly!” said the foe: “fly! all that can,
Nor wage, with Denmark’s Christian,
The dread, unequal game.”

Niels Juul look’d out, and loudly cried,
“Quick! now’s the time:”
He hoisted up his banner wide,
And fore and aft his foemen plied;
And loud above the battle cried,
“Quick! now’s the time.”
“Fly!” said the foe, “‘t is Fortune’s rule,
To deck the head ...

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Lines To Six-Foot Three

A lad, who twenty tongues can talk
And sixty miles a day can walk;
Drink at a draught a pint of rum,
And then be neither sick nor dumb
Can tune a song, and make a verse,
And deeds of Northern kings rehearse
Who never will forsake his friend,
While he his bony fist can bend;
And, though averse to brawl and strife

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