George Borrow

(1803-1881 / England)

George Borrow Quotes

  • ''I have always been a friend to hero-worship; it is the only rational one, and has always been in use amongst civilized people—the worship of spirits is synonymous with barbarism—it is mere fetish.... There is something philosophic in the worship of the heroes of the human race.''
    George Borrow (1803-1881), British author. An elderly individual, in Lavengro, ch. 23 (1851).
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  • ''If you must commit suicide ... always contrive to do it as decorously as possible; the decencies, whether of life or of death, should never be lost sight of.''
    George Borrow (1803-1881), British author. An "elderly individual," in Lavengro, ch. 23 (1851).
  • ''There's night and day, brother, both sweet things; sun, moon, and stars, brother, all sweet things; there's likewise a wind on the heath. Life is very sweet, brother; who would wish to die?''
    George Borrow (1803-1881), British author. Jasper, in Lavengro, ch. 25 (1851).
  • ''I am invariably of the politics of the people at whose table I sit, or beneath whose roof I sleep.''
    George Borrow (1803-1881), British author. The Bible in Spain, ch. 16 (1843).

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Fridleif And Helga

The woods were in leaf, and they cast a sweet shade;
Among them walk'd Helga, the beautiful maid.

The water is dashing o'er yon little stones;
She sat down beside it, and rested her bones.

She sat down, and soon, from a bush that was near,
Sir Fridleif approach'd her with sword and with spear:

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