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[Gani] (16/07/1987 / Thanjavur)

Poems of Ganesh Umashankar

1. A Golden Statue 6/19/2013
2. Be Yourself My Love 4/29/2013
3. Bored to death! 3/23/2013
4. Friend-zoned 3/23/2013
5. I Always See You 5/18/2013
6. I Don't Call Her Light! 7/7/2013
7. I lost my self 3/23/2013
8. Sparkle From The West 4/22/2013
9. The Job I Used To Love 4/26/2013
10. The night sky 5/28/2013

Sparkle From The West

I woke up 4 in the morning today
it was surprisingly bright,
I went out and saw no sun.
the light was coming from the west,
I was confused, sun doesn't rise in the west.
But then again this isn't sun light,
its sparkly, bright and mesmerizing.
oh wait its only your Eyes, forgot you live in the west Now.

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