Eric Lungai


Poems of Eric Lungai

1. Clinging Memories 7/18/2012
2. Do I Deserve To Die? 3/26/2014
3. End Of An Error? 1/30/2014
4. Forgive Me Love 6/8/2014
5. I Kissed A Frog 5/31/2012
6. I Wish I Was Born Earlier 8/9/2014
7. I'm Always A Friend 5/31/2012
8. Letter To The Unborn 9/5/2013
9. Song of a Bored Man 4/22/2013
10. Thank You Mama 3/8/2014
11. They Killed A Dream 2/26/2014
12. When I Will Sing My Own Song 6/22/2012
13. Will I Miss You? 3/3/2014

I'm Always A Friend

Sometimes we've quarrels
And seem we never were to meet.
We drill and roll in turmoil like baffled barrels,
And tear at each other like wild game meat.

Yet, I'm always a friend
Who'll stand by you in any instance.
Though constantly we've a tricky trend,
Our lives still stand at the same stance.

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