Treasure Island

Eric Lungai


Poems of Eric Lungai

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5. I Kissed A Frog 5/31/2012
6. I Wish I Was Born Earlier 8/9/2014
7. I'm Always A Friend 5/31/2012
8. Letter To The Unborn 9/5/2013
9. Song of a Bored Man 4/22/2013
10. Thank You Mama 3/8/2014
11. They Killed A Dream 2/26/2014
12. When I Will Sing My Own Song 6/22/2012
13. Will I Miss You? 3/3/2014

I Kissed A Frog

In the night, at the stage,
When the daughters of men
And the sons of women
Paraded their nudity and smashed bottles,
I kissed a fortunate frog

And a deep kiss it was,
As it penetrated beyond the lips,
And went further into the hollow mouth

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