Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza Poems

1. Lonely Wolf In The World Of Love 10/4/2013
2. Watching You Smile 10/4/2013
3. Amnesia 10/4/2013
4. Africa 10/4/2013
5. Seasons 10/4/2013
6. Is This How The World Should Be Like? 10/4/2013
7. In A Friendly Country 10/4/2013
8. Waiting 10/4/2013
9. Look You Close 10/4/2013
10. The Flood 10/7/2013
11. Untitled 10/4/2013
12. You 10/4/2013
13. Only If I Was A Song 10/10/2013
14. For Your Love 10/11/2013
15. My Prayer 10/23/2013
16. Dreams 10/23/2013
17. Driven By A Stranger 11/3/2013
18. It Is You Not Her 11/11/2013
19. Malawi 2/21/2014
20. A Letter To My Late Friend 2/21/2014
21. I Don'T Care 2/21/2014
22. Some Stories 2/21/2014
23. Little Tree 6/9/2014
24. I Love Being With You 6/9/2014
25. The Unceasing Feeling 6/9/2014
26. Enough 6/2/2015
27. Lost Dream 4/5/2016
28. My Name 4/5/2016
29. If I Was To Sit Down With You Again 4/5/2016
30. What A Life 4/7/2016
31. I Am That Type 4/7/2016
32. We Can't Be That Far 4/13/2016
33. Save The World For The Future Generations 4/13/2016
34. Let's Get Them Married 4/13/2016
35. Passion 4/13/2016
36. As Hot As The Sun 4/13/2016
37. Chase Me -new- 4/19/2016
38. I Waited -new- 4/19/2016
39. My Home Land -new- 4/20/2016
40. I Have Been Left Behind -new- 4/20/2016
Best Poem of Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

Am Tired Of My Life

Am tired of my life
I want to live your life;

Am tired of living like a pest
Instead of constructing, damaging instead;

I no longer have the energy to live like a parasite
Benefiting from you and never returning the favor;

I don’t want to be like an orchard either,
It is nothing to gain from you but still remain small in my life;

Am done living like a dog
I am eager not going back to my old ways;

Am tired of being wherever there is rotten life or dead life
It feels bad to live like a vulture or a hyena, for that life is enjoyable for a...

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A land so beautifully created
A land with so many natural beauties
A land with a very long history
A land uniquely created and filled with love
A land naturally green
A land floating on water and water flow on it
A land with attracting tall mountains of Kilimanjaro
A land full of fresh water basins like Lake Malawi
A land with so many different tribes united in love

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