Treasure Island

Elwin Mwangi

[Galwins] (1991 / Nairobi)

Poems of Elwin Mwangi

1. Boundless Queen 4/25/2013
2. Enjoying the Moonlight with the goddess of Nature 5/27/2013
3. The Drug Curse 5/27/2013
4. The flavor 4/26/2013
5. The Jack's Spot 1/25/2014
6. The Masterpieces 4/25/2013
7. When Believing is Not an Option 4/27/2013

The Jack's Spot

He got the jackpot and thought he had the whole plot,
The pot got diminished; he had hit a jack's spot,
Life was hot, but too short.
A gun was the solution; he grabbed it and took a shot!
He made himself a barbeque; an extreme blood clot.
Stains indelible; no further paint blot.
Deluge of tears that deluded the family lot.
Without the Jack there was no living pot;
Hopelessness and no resort; malnutrition struck like body shots.

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