Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Silver Star - 4,476 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

1. Earn Wealth While You Are Young And Help The Needy! -new- 10/9/2015
2. You Do The Virtues That Yield Goodness In Your Living Days! -new- 10/7/2015
3. Physical Fleshy Body Without Getting Proper Education Is A Waste! -new- 10/8/2015
4. The Shola King Who Owns The Country Snatched My Heart! 8/29/2014
5. Scarcity For Margosa Tree Leaves! 9/18/2014
6. Mother! Will I Not Be The Saffron Spot On Your Forehead? 9/18/2014
7. I Am Interested In Meeting One Or Two English Poets From London! 9/19/2014
8. Separation Of The Women Who Resemble Suitably Accepted Statue! 9/19/2014
9. Praising A Poet, 'Me' By A Co-Poet! 9/20/2014
10. நாக்கு கண்ணாடியால் செய்யப்பட்டிருந்தால்..? 9/20/2014
11. O' Heaven! Will You Tell Me? 9/26/2014
12. Only The Thoughts Of You! 9/28/2014
13. Judgement By The Court Against Their Leader! 9/28/2014
14. If The Dog Thinks Itself, Its Tail Will Straighten! 9/28/2014
15. The Furnace In The Boudoir Burns In Agony! 9/29/2014
16. Leisurely On Sundays! 9/29/2014
17. The Fingers Which Bath The Children! 9/23/2014
18. The Judge Fixed The Dynamite To These People! 9/29/2014
19. Bashfulness Is The Ornament For A Youthful Girl! 9/30/2014
20. The Girl Of Great Beauty Was Not To Be Seen! 10/1/2014
21. The Devotee Shows His Angry To The God! 10/1/2014
22. The Girl Of Great Beauty Was Not To Be Found! 10/1/2014
23. Advice To An Arrogant Fellow! 10/3/2014
24. The Burning Of One Aggregate Of Fire In Front Of Our Eyes! 10/4/2014
25. Alcoholic Addiction! Leave! 10/5/2014
26. The Acquaintance Of Enemies With Indifferent Mentality! 10/7/2014
27. The Relationship With The Wicked People! 10/8/2014
28. The Smell Of The Ball-Jasmine Is Special! 10/8/2014
29. The Life Of The One Without Learning Is A Stone! 10/8/2014
30. The Essence Secreted In The Gums Of Her Mouth! 10/9/2014
31. Leaving Uncared Of The Mother Is Unpleasant! 10/10/2014
32. Chair Isn'T Placed For You, But For Somebody! 10/12/2014
33. Let The Girls Shut Their Casket Of Lips! 10/14/2014
34. False Love! 10/15/2014
35. The Guest Can Get Things Only After A Request! 10/20/2014
36. I Drank As Others Persuaded! 10/30/2014
37. The Love Which Endures The Pains Is Too Strong Heartily! 11/1/2014
38. Beauty Of The Girl Who Has The Youthful Prattling Speech! 4/9/2015
39. The Pleasant Light, Lying Aside The Child And Sleeps! 4/10/2015
40. Farewell To Duty-Minded Sincere People! 4/15/2015
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

A Guava Fruit A Day

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
is a proverb;

Alas! the cost of an apple
is more than twenty rupee;

It does not suit everybody's pocket,
So go to another alternative fruit,
Cost effective to all purse
and competitive in price;

Take it as a policy,
A Guava fruit a day
keeps diabetes away,
It is a new saying to follow from today.

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Prosperity! - Haiku

No family planning,
More children,

Family planning
Small family
Happy life!

Plan your family,
A girl and a boy,
Thank God!

Take care of children,
Timely immunization,

Lifestyle changes,
Walking half an hour a day,
Healthy life!

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