Cici Whytehead

Cici Whytehead Poems

1. My Dad 8/19/2013
2. Are You? Did You? 8/19/2013
3. Goodbye Problems! 8/19/2013
4. Life Is. 8/20/2013
5. The Creator Above. 8/22/2013
6. What Is Love? 8/23/2013
7. Rest In Peace 8/24/2013

Are You? Did You?

Are you smoking pot? are you drinking? Are you popping pills?
Are you breaking the law? Are you breaking your parents rules? Did you drop out of school? Are you living in treatments centers/ grouphomes? Are you cutting?
Did you get abused? Did your parents neglect you? Did you grow up in foster homes?
Did you try commit suicide?
If so.. you will get through it, it may take years, weeks, or days.
Just to change your ways.
It will be hard, there will be some bumps on the way to chang

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