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1. May Be I Am Lonely 4/1/2010
2. Searching For You 4/1/2010
3. Love Is A War 4/11/2011
4. Romeo The Sweet Romeo 7/5/2011
5. What I Have To Give 7/5/2011
6. The Pain Has No Feelings 7/12/2011
7. Tonight I Want To Love 7/5/2011
8. I Am Not In Love 8/12/2011
9. Where Are You? 12/17/2011
10. Lovers 7/5/2011
11. I Am Loved By He 12/30/2011
12. To Love What You Once Had 6/5/2012
13. Lonely 6/12/2012
14. Your Lips Says You Love Me 6/12/2012
15. Oh Odyssey Carry Me Home 6/19/2012
16. Lay In This Moment 6/19/2012
17. Under Your Arms 8/4/2012
18. In Love With Eternity 8/22/2012
19. Look At How It Burns In Your Eyes Like Something Beautiful 9/28/2012
20. His Love Is So Sweet 8/4/2012
21. My Sunset 11/19/2012
22. The One I Love 11/28/2012
23. A Woman's Love 11/29/2012
24. Who Are You? 12/4/2012
25. Give Me A Reason 12/10/2012
26. I Loved Him 12/10/2012
27. Pleasure And Pain 12/20/2012
28. Poem For Thee 12/23/2012
29. I Am Going Under 1/10/2013
30. Those Words May Kiss Your Lips Tonight 1/15/2013
31. Baby You Are The Saddest Goodbye 6/4/2013
32. Anyone Who Has Loved 6/4/2013
33. The Sega Of Seychelles 6/7/2013
34. No Place To Hide My Heart 7/26/2013
35. You Are Never Without Love 7/26/2013
36. You Are All I Want 8/3/2013
37. Wonderful 9/19/2013
38. Like A Shooting Star 9/25/2013
39. Love Stoned 9/30/2013
40. Falling In Love With You 10/11/2013
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I Am Me, I Am What I Am

Look in my hands, yes my blood is rushing
Tell me my future? Do you think you know me?
If you knew me, you would not speak those words to me.
Look at me, see through my eyes, I will show you what I see.
I can show you how beautiful you are to me.
I can make you feel, what I feel.

I am me, I am I
I am who I am
I am Sharon, and no one can change that.

I love like it is the first time
I give all that I can, even my last bread
I have forgiveness but I never forget.

I can make you love
I can make you lust
I can make you blinded by ...

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Searching For You

his smells essences form a distance, following me from every where
I am following your scent
where will it lead me I do not know

I have been running, running for so long to you
years has passed me by, with some who stole my heart along the way
with so many happiness and bruises that came along the way
who are you? I don't know
will I ever meet you? I don't know

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