Treasure Island

bruce nelson

(may 20 / fort worth texas)

Poems of bruce nelson

1. Baby stop treating me wrong 5/22/2008
2. COMPUTER LOVE 1/16/2009
3. I wish? ? ? 5/29/2008
4. Lost somewhere 9/25/2009
5. My girl/my problem 5/20/2008
6. My New Girl 2/10/2009
7. My Thoughts 9/20/2013
8. Problems 10/10/2009
9. Puzzled Heart 10/5/2009
10. what can i 9/13/2009

what can i

Please just bag up and get out of my face, cuz even tom gave me myspace. Jus slow down and walk in my pace, cuz i dont see the rush because this is not a race. And if you dont know how to chill well u need to learn to, cuz u just need to relax like a perm do. And i dont want to call this women dumb, but even a blind man can see where im coming from

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