Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey
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  • ''Love me, I shall love you.''
    Exchange of sympathies
  • ''Before you go away, tell me your name?''
  • ''I am not only talented, you are also but.''
    Search of Talent
  • ''God loves me, loves you too.''
    The love of God
  • ''Wild flowers too have beauties priceless, ravishing and rarer.''
    Should have the yes to see
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  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (11/17/2014 12:02:00 PM)

    You are a humorist, that is why I like to share with you. I like your humours and these keep me in good spirits. I feel refreshed when I talk to you. Your poem on Khoka reminds me personally of my own members. Such a character is readily available and we feel entertained after finding similarities. It is amusing indeed. The poem on the Alsatian dog and the Indian English poet too is a very amusing one. You are a poet of a vaster range and acquaintance. Your world is very vast. You have miles and miles to go which I shall not live to see and I am sure you will not need anyone’s support. You will go on your own. I am presently working on a sequel to Rimi. The book Rimi: An Endless Poetry is the work.
    Your article on contemporary Indian English poetry is the lead article. It is not only the history of English poetry in India, but of Indian history, art, culture, society, manner, trend and tradition, a juxtaposition of both. I do not know anyone who knows more in India nor have I met anyone of such a merit. Why do you keep in hiding? Come to light. Why are so shy and latent? None could ever write before; none has even now. I do not see anyone of your merit and personality though I know many of the reputed poets of India. How could you know about so many titles, books and authors? Indian English poetry made a start before the evolution of the modern languages, but failed to develop. Your article is a history of the whole body of poetry right from the first quarter of the nineteenth century to the present times literally not, but culturally and traditionally. How do you know so much of that? You are so immaculate and miraculous too. It is amazing, amazing to know you. It is a wonderful article and it contains in many things of the past and present. You are a very powerful writer of verse.
    - - Pronab Kumar Majumder, Editor, Bridge-in-Making, Lake Town, Kolkata,17.11.2014

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (11/3/2014 3:12:00 AM)

    You are a humorist, a great humorist.Why do you keep yourself in the hide when so many are trying to come to the front? But you keep yourself behind the crowd. You are a great writer. You do not need any one's support. You will come to the fore on your own effort. Whenever I talk to you, I get delighted. I smile to hear you. Your poem, O Old, Give Me Your Prominent French-cut Beard! is one such.
    - - Pronab Kumar Majumder, Retd. Special Secretary,1.11.2014

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/18/2014 11:16:00 PM)

    Prof. Vijay Vishal from Baijnath (but a native of Amritsar, Punjab) , Himachal Pradesh comments on the collection The Saga of The Dark Daughter by Bijay Kant Dubey

    Dear Dr. B.K. Dubey,
    Enjoyed reading your rich harvest of poems which should appear in book form which I am sure, you must be contemplating.
    The compositions are flurries of feelings, ripples of emotions, flights of imaginations and strides of intellect. They stir up the mind, heart and soul.
    A good poem rings an old bell in the psyche of the reader. It inspires and motivates. This quality is manifested well in your poetic pieces. There is variety and freshness which binds the reader from first to last.
    My best wishes.
    Thanks for making me the subject of your lovely poems.
    Kindly confirm receipt of the packet of books.

    Vijay Vishal

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/18/2014 10:37:00 PM)

    Prof Charu Sheel Singh, Mahatma Gadhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi comments in his letter, dated 22.10.02:

    Dear Dr Dubey,
    Your kind gifts reached me the other day. I enjoyed reading My Bengali Wife. It is a happy blend of reminiscence, experience gotten and begotten and a loving-to-die and dying-to-love and live relationship. The form used is encompassing and the relative lack of organization is explanatory of like itself. Figures of speech continue to play hide and seek game. Well done!
    Your thesis on D.H.Lawrence excels in the art of conceptualization. should think it is an unpretentious study which contains much information for the one already much informed.
    Your book on interviews is a major effort in the making that others should emulate. Sometimes, the subaltern is the main lantern I am sure, through your filtering eye, gems of poetry will distill themselves out and write a saga of sort.

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/17/2014 9:46:00 PM)

    The Fall of Bamiyan Buddhas and Other Poems

    In this book, the first poem which has the same heading as the book, presents Bamiyan Buddha as seen in his numerous aspects by the poet.. It contains the poet's effusions on Bamiyan Buddhas in different situations.
    My Brief Poems is a picture of the mean atmosphere of immortality in Bihar. Indian Democracy is a Portrayal of the utter chaos prevalent in the society under democratic government.. The overwhelming effect of sensual love on the lower level brought out strikingly in Dev Das
    - - Prof.Maha Nand Sharma, Meerut

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/17/2014 3:27:00 AM)

    Prof. Maha Nand Sharma, Meerut Univ. on the long poem Chandramukhi published as a booklet, dated

    Chandramukhi: The painful story of Dev Das and Chandra Mukhi is told brilliantly in this work in a touching manner.
    The poet’s immense zeal in both creative and critical work invites admiration.

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/17/2014 1:13:00 AM)

    Khushwant Singh on the booklet
    Khushwant Singh: A Writer of Literary Columns

    Dear Prof. Dubey,
    I am overwhelmed and don't know how to react to your learned thesis. I am almost trying to believe I can write readable prose. A million thanks- And the guru's blessings.
    Khushwant Singh
    1 Dec 2004

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/16/2014 10:48:00 PM)

    Prof.Maha Nand Sharma of Meerut University

    My Love Poems: The poems in this collection are effusions of the poet's heart. Spontaneity is their salient feature. The poetry here comes from the heart and goes to the heart. Breaking my heart, How deep my love for you is, Say, Say, you love me, I shall try my best, Tears are in the eyes and The temple of Love are apt illustrations of the spontaneous overflow in his poems.

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/16/2014 11:36:00 AM)

    M.K.Naik's letter
    Thank you for the copy of My Collected Poems. The adjective 'My' is totally unnecessary. I wish you had dropped it from the title.
    I hope to go through the book when I get some leisure.

    Prof M.K.Naik's letter
    Dear Dr Dubey,
    Thank you very much for the poetry books.
    Your enthusiasm for poetry is admirable, but may I suggest that quantity should not come in the way of quality- -which is far more important.
    Best wishes!

    Letter From Dr.Prema Nandakumar
    Dear Dr.Dubey:
    Thank you for D.H.Lawrence and Interviews With Some Indian English Poets. Both make interesting reading. In the former I can see the Indian sensibility at work, never in haste to criticise but making a point go home if the need arises.It is good you have made some very pertinent remarks on the way one or two book authors have hogged the limelight for too long.
    With every good wish for a happy & purposive 2003,
    Prema Nandakumar

    After The Death of His Wife, What Man Has Made of Man? , Suppose Your Son Turns Into A Bad Boy, If You Go Failing In The Same Class, On Finding None Around Me, I Used To Hear The Village Clown Saying, Politicians poems mailed to him from Winged Words collection especially:
    “The poems are interesting as narratives. May be you can use straight prose and avoid the inversions in places.”
    Warmly Satchidanandan
    - - 3.6.13

  • Gold Star - 7,726 Points Bijay Kant Dubey (10/15/2014 8:36:00 AM)

    Letter from R.V.Smith

    Dear Bijay Kant Dubey,
    Thanks for your post card and for a copy of The Ferryman. It was a pleasure to go through your poems- so sensitive, so suggestive and so lucid. They will make good reading and hence I cannot single out any one of them.So please will have to be combined for all of them. The very title The Ferryman is highly fascinating. Well done, and best wishes to you in the future
    Yours sincerely
    Ronald Vivian Smith
    The Indian Express
    New Delhi

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The Song From The Heart

In a very sweet and sonorous voice, sing you, say you,
Said she the girl in a golden and nasal sound of her own,

Do you love me? Do you love me?
The voice coming from the heart and its deep within
Yes, I love you, I love you,
Came the answer reverberating from the other side.

Sing it again, ladies and gentlemen, said the announcer,
Do you love me? Do you love me?
Yes, I love you, I love you.

Do you love me? Yes, I love you.
Do you love me? Yes, I love you,
The beloved went on asking in a very singsong voice of her own
And the ...

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