Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Silver Star - 3,400 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

1. A Draught Of Nectar From Lotus Feet. 3/3/2011
2. The Love-Sick Lady And The Outlawed Lover, 3/3/2011
3. Awakened Vampire In Human-Woods. 3/3/2011
4. A Thank 3/3/2011
5. The Mission Of Life 3/3/2011
6. Forbidden Seasons 3/3/2011
7. Emptiness 3/3/2011
8. Calm Is The Mind On Lonely Land, 3/3/2011
9. For Your Love I Need An Ever Burning Hearth. 3/3/2011
10. She Is An Awe To Me 3/3/2011
11. The Manifestation Of Installed Divinity. 3/3/2011
12. The Irony Of The Body’s Gardener. 3/3/2011
13. Mute Lord. 3/3/2011
14. The Resultant Of Spiritual Summation 3/3/2011
15. The Mistakes Of A Friend And Virtue Of Her Fair 3/3/2011
16. For You My Deluge Evokes One Word 3/3/2011
17. The Homeward Boat Fare. 3/3/2011
18. Something I Wish To Say. 3/3/2011
19. The Miracle Of Lips. 3/3/2011
20. Had I Had Not The Faith! 3/3/2011
21. Wounds Of Friendship Suffer Satiety 3/3/2011
22. Lord Krishna And Radha’s Love 3/4/2011
23. A Poet Is Inconsistent For His Darling(Poetry) 3/4/2011
24. My Agenda, -We Are Sisters And Brothers. 3/4/2011
25. My Lady The Moon, And I The Sun. 3/4/2011
26. New Year’s Invocations To The Face Book Friends. 3/4/2011
27. Mysterious Devi 3/4/2011
28. Swami Vivekananda And His Voice To The Mankind, 3/4/2011
29. Poetic Trauma. 3/4/2011
30. Ruins Amidst The Green, -To My Loving Sister Daisy Careon 3/4/2011
31. Some Of The Best Of Our Choices. 3/4/2011
32. God Is From Chaos To Cosmos. 3/5/2011
33. Your Rosy Love’s Wounds Set Me Cry. 3/5/2011
34. Let The Mind And The Limbs Be At Your Service 3/5/2011
35. My Birth Day 3/5/2011
36. Your Mute Reflects In My Dumb. 3/5/2011
37. While Life Equals Desert. 3/5/2011
38. The Poison And The Nectar 3/5/2011
39. -divine Love As Receipt-Ant, -To My Spirit Sister, -Sandra Mccormack. 3/5/2011
40. Joyous Touch. 3/5/2011
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

The Undefined Love.

Love is a haunting spell
it allows imagination to fulfill
what oft was thought but never dealt.

Love is a puzzling hang,
-and enchants the arrested being, -
for the realization of the infinite spring.

Love is a psychic-divine,
Though life fades,
Love shines.

Love proves a calm lake,
As devotee meditates on,
Avatar’s image.

Love means a search for another,
The buried bigger of our secret sharer,
More than the equal in abstract mirror!

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A Thank

O me! o me! o my dearest,
The greater, the sublimer, -the best,
A thank from you,
Though old, yet ever new,
It is the envoy of your spirited part,
A journey of voice from purest heart.

It shares God’s radiant ray,
From the Vast Unconscious to this mundane bay,

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