Alisha Ricks

(United States)

Poems of Alisha Ricks

1. A Hashed World 4/19/2011
2. Addiction and Prostitution 11/14/2012
3. Be Who You Are 3/27/2012
4. Beautiful Colors 4/19/2011
5. Children Of Shadows 10/17/2012
6. Cruelty 4/12/2011
7. Depression 1/4/2012
8. Don’t Compete with Me 4/25/2011
9. Drug Addict 5/30/2013
10. Everyone Needs to Feel Loved 12/12/2011
11. I Believe in Myself 4/14/2011
12. If I Could Take Away Your Tears I Would 8/5/2011
13. It's Okay to Shed A Tear 8/5/2011
14. Knowledge Is Power 12/16/2011
15. Let Love in Your Heart 5/11/2011
16. Life is A Precious Gift 8/5/2011
17. Lift up your Spirit during this Time of Sorrow 10/26/2011
18. Lift Yourself Up 5/11/2011
19. Our God is Greatest 5/16/2011
20. Rain Drops 4/12/2011

Thank you Mother

Thanks mom for being there my whole life
Thanks mom for being there when I was feeling down
Thanks mom for giving me a peace of mind
Thanks mom for buying me things
Thanks mom for walking the miles and guiding me through the path
Thanks mom for your laughter
Thanks mom for being all that you could be
Thanks mom for your gratitude
Thanks mom for believing in me

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