Ace Of Black Hearts

Freshman - 742 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Ace Of Black Hearts Poems

1. Birds Flight -new- 7/30/2015
2. Dropping Into Your Privately Owned Club 11/19/2013
3. Burning Temptress 11/20/2013
4. Taunting Nature 11/20/2013
5. Broken Mirror 11/20/2013
6. Mutation 11/20/2013
7. Even In Death 11/21/2013
8. A Role To Play 11/21/2013
9. A Silent Past 11/22/2013
10. Death, The Bearer Of The Ultimate Truth 11/21/2013
11. Vocab Builder 1(Testing The Use Of Unfamiliar Words) 11/22/2013
12. Sounds With No Directions. 11/24/2013
13. An Unknown Part Of It 11/24/2013
14. Seeking Uncertainity 11/24/2013
15. Dropping Names And Bodies 11/25/2013
16. Chamber Of Agony 11/27/2013
17. Among The Closing Arguments 11/27/2013
18. A Moment Of Emotional Confusion 11/29/2013
19. Upon Closer Inspection 11/29/2013
20. A Very Embarrasing Dinner, But For Who? 11/29/2013
21. Protesting Along The Frontlines 11/30/2013
22. Who Will Take Responsibility For This Gift? 12/1/2013
23. A Disbelief Of Centainity 12/4/2013
24. Countless Rejections. 12/6/2013
25. She Came Back To Save The House 12/6/2013
26. Butchered Dreams 12/8/2013
27. Withheld Check 12/11/2013
28. Embracing Betrayal 12/16/2013
29. Locked Away In His Own Mind 12/18/2013
30. Distorted Reality 12/19/2013
31. The Indefinite Embarrassment Of Poverty. 9/11/2013
32. Thinking Of Somebody Else 1/20/2014
33. Bouncing Rabbit 1/25/2014
34. Free Spirit 1/28/2014
35. My Darling Please Don'T Go 1/30/2014
36. Melting Pot 1/31/2014
37. Turning To The Rose 1/31/2014
38. Escaping The Darkness 2/1/2014
39. Dying Soul 2/9/2014
40. Marching Orders 2/10/2014
Best Poem of Ace Of Black Hearts

If My Poem Upset You, I'M Just So Sorry

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
No need to worry
Your not speaking anyways
And that's okay

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
Anger begets anger my friend
Deny it till the end
But were like snakes each with our own venom

If my poem upsets
I'm just so sorry
Here please hand me a tissue
So I can wipe the floor with you
You have no clue

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
I won't impersonate
I will speak my version of the truth
Let loose

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
But you don't have read, or ...

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Lay Down And Die

I'm still standing strong.
You just cant break me.
No matter how hard you try.
I will not lay just lay down and die.
With so many happy endings,
ı just want mine. Your out there,
ı 'm out there.
Can ı t not be any simpler.
Lets get together and

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