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Vera Sidhwa Poems

1. Said The Apple To The Orange -new- 7/28/2015
2. Said The Appale To The Orange -new- 7/28/2015
3. Your Stern Demeanor -new- 7/28/2015
4. The Falling 7/13/2015
5. The Cliff 7/13/2015
6. The Sand Clock 7/14/2015
7. Tree 7/14/2015
8. I Ruled You -new- 7/15/2015
9. I Loved You In A Way -new- 7/15/2015
10. Enraptured -new- 7/16/2015
11. Black And White -new- 7/16/2015
12. White And Black -new- 7/16/2015
13. I Tried To Change -new- 7/17/2015
14. It Didn'T Matter -new- 7/17/2015
15. He Ruled Them -new- 7/18/2015
16. I Plucked The Flower -new- 7/18/2015
17. I Gazed At The Flower -new- 7/18/2015
18. We -new- 7/20/2015
19. Do You Love Me? -new- 7/20/2015
20. I Wanted To Go Away -new- 7/21/2015
21. He Wanted To Stay -new- 7/21/2015
22. I Stayed -new- 7/21/2015
23. What Are Those? -new- 7/21/2015
24. The Rose Spoke To Me -new- 7/22/2015
25. I Spoke To You -new- 7/22/2015
26. I You -new- 7/24/2015
27. I Thought Of This World -new- 7/24/2015
28. The Wave -new- 7/25/2015
29. I Tried -new- 7/25/2015
30. I Came To This World -new- 7/27/2015
31. I Came Around To See -new- 7/27/2015
32. Topsy-Turvy -new- 7/27/2015
33. I Tried To Dance 3/10/2015
34. Through Glasses 3/11/2015
35. World Through Glasses 3/11/2015
36. New Song 3/12/2015
37. Song That, S New 3/12/2015
38. Bird Song 3/12/2015
39. Gentle As He 3/12/2015
40. Waves Of Water 3/13/2015
Best Poem of Vera Sidhwa

Traffic Light

Ah green, I love my green.
It's the traffic light's nicest scene.
Green is a traffic dream.
You can always keep driving, driving, driving.
And you can keep going in life, whatever you're doing,
Your favorite project, your favorite dream.

And orange traffic light,
In my life, I've had to a slow down when I was skiing,
A slow down of whatever I was doing.

And oh red light.
I had to stop being in so much strife.
I had to stop my bad habits.

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Your Halo Far Away

Look how the breeze kisses the roses so gently,
And how the green glittering leaves sing in harmony.
See the constellations stand still, for that is their fate,
Yet people look at each other with hate.

Please, aren't you coming today? Oh, I see your halo far away.
Won't you save our day, we beg you to come today.

There seems to be a tune in the air, and the birds sing as if they have no care.

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