T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

1. Notre Terre Qui Est À Votre Taille 7/11/2012
2. Siluroid 7/11/2012
3. Over Which Cat's Shoulders Is Raised The Lintel 7/11/2012
4. Curse Of Caste 7/11/2012
5. Boy Running In The Rain... 7/11/2012
6. A Reluctant Sayonara 7/11/2012
7. Bikku Under The Bodhi Tree 7/11/2012
8. Sing Haughty Yacht-Y Yea 7/11/2012
9. Radically Chinese 7/11/2012
10. Komori 7/11/2012
11. Embryo 7/11/2012
12. Way Out Over Copland's Appalachian Springs 7/11/2012
13. Give Me Back My Name 7/11/2012
14. Block Fall From The Zyklon Door 7/11/2012
15. A Cure For Forty Death-Dealing Cells 7/11/2012
16. Born To Die At Stromboli 7/11/2012
17. Akbar, The Great (1542 - 1605) 7/11/2012
18. Golden Secrets In The Flower 7/11/2012
19. Prologue To Declining Change 7/11/2012
20. Little Clock 7/12/2012
21. Pied À Terre 7/12/2012
22. I Saw A Tree A-Falling... 7/12/2012
23. Declining Change - X 7/12/2012
24. Gérard Sekoto, In Memorium (1913-1993) 7/12/2012
25. Too Late For Amends 7/12/2012
26. Blinks Through Bloodshot Walks 7/12/2012
27. Unheeded In The Spread Of His Name, Quaking 7/12/2012
28. The Solitary Oak On Mount Kremlin-Bicêtre 7/12/2012
29. The Snake Charmer And The Hamadryad 7/12/2012
30. Bedtime On Tramp 7/13/2012
31. The Partitioned Wailing-Wall 7/13/2012
32. Coal-Truck 7/13/2012
33. Night In The Eyes, Invading 7/13/2012
34. Doppelgänger 7/13/2012
35. The Urchin In Dr. Radhakrishnan Rd. 7/13/2012
36. The Shore Temple In Mahaballipuram 7/13/2012
37. Krishna's Advice To Arjuna 7/13/2012
38. Tuan Tata, Song Of Uda - 1 7/13/2012
39. The Best Of The Night To You, Too, Bala... 7/13/2012
40. Wake! Asia! Wake! (Part One) 7/13/2012
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

The Last Hope, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Sonnet: Dernier Espoir

There stands a tree in the cemetery
Thrusting itself up in total freedom,
By no means the fruit of bereavement –
Spreading itself out on stone unobtrusively.

In this tree, be it summer or winter,
A bird alights to trill clearly
It’s sad song of such fidelity.
This tree and this bird do us bind together:

You the object of my thoughts, I the absence
That time takes stock of in evanescence…
Ah! To live again propped up against your knees!

Ah! To be alive again! But stay yet awhile, my lover,
Let not the void be my chilling victor…
At the ...

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I am the prize catch
I live in an artificial lake
fed by a nappe phréatique
I was put there to keep
lesser fish: carp
from taking up too much space
I live to be caught
and caught again
and be let loose as rain

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