Saif Al Rahbi

(1956 / Oman)

Saif Al Rahbi Poems

1. Arrival 11/15/2013
2. Bells Will Not Toll Tonight 11/15/2013
3. Music 11/15/2013
4. From My Room To The Café 11/15/2013
5. Steps 11/15/2013
6. Our old house 11/15/2013

From My Room To The Café

In the morning when I wake up,
the world wakes in my head
with creatures and screams smashing my bones.
I leave my room -
it's like a cave filled with the slain -
and shuffle off to the café.
I look intently at my cup - it's like a snake
relaxing on a summer afternoon
and think: 'This is my last cup in this city! '

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