Abossey Allotey

The Heavenly Calling - Poem by Abossey Allotey

Ev'ry desolate ground, we harrow,
Though constrained on ev'ry way - wide and
Hit by ev'ry weapon: bow and arrow,
Not know'n what await us on the morrow.
One thing we know - joy afta the sorrow.

We ain't d first to be accused,
The fathers b4 us, they abused;
Their preachings - they refused;
More so, their lives, they diffused.

We do not live high and mighty,
But d world sees us guile and guilty,
To them, we are rags and filthy;
They hate us - kill us - sheer cruelty.

In this gospel herein we are charged,
Going all out - God's Kingdom to enlarge.

The truth in our bellies we conceive,
It's from d Lord we receive
And we do no one deceive.

Form: Epistle

Comments about The Heavenly Calling by Abossey Allotey

  • Veteran Poet - 1,844 Points Noreen Carden (6/30/2015 8:20:00 AM)

    Beautifully written from a place of deep faith and belief (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 390 Points Marie Shine (6/21/2015 10:07:00 AM)

    Very intense feelings are the basis for this excellent write. Finely expressed. Thank you for sharing. Blessings... (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/23/2015 12:11:00 AM)

    Blessed be God

  • Bronze Star - 2,214 Points Akachukwu Lekwauwa (6/20/2015 11:16:00 PM)

    Rising in defence of the Gospel. It's convincing. (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/21/2015 11:57:00 AM)

    We bless God and may it sink in the hearts of men

  • Gold Star - 18,892 Points Kelly Kurt (6/20/2015 4:33:00 PM)

    A moving article of faith, Abossey. Written with a true heart.
    Peace (Report) Reply

  • Silver Star - 3,194 Points Kewayne Wadley (6/19/2015 7:21:00 PM)

    A Nicely put hymn! Very deep. Moving past our forefathers struggles as the chapters continue to get deeper. Trying to redeem ourselves in the eyes of perfection of the lord above! A heartfelt passionate write (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 14,848 Points Kumarmani Mahakul (6/18/2015 10:21:00 AM)

    Very nicely and aptly envisioned and presented. Thrilling depiction. A beautiful poem I like most. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/18/2015 10:46:00 AM)

    we bless... and God bless you

  • Rookie - 271 Points Gauri Sharma (6/18/2015 3:26:00 AM)

    wow..intensely put...each n every word is just amazing! (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 198 Points Daniela Mercelina (6/16/2015 11:20:00 AM)

    wauw thats so beautiful and soo deep! !
    GBU (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 7,965 Points Tony Adah (6/14/2015 7:05:00 AM)

    True to life spirit based rendtion! Well written n thx for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Silver Star - 3,527 Points G. Akanji Olaniyi (6/13/2015 11:13:00 AM)

    Lovely poem and well written! (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 15,342 Points Ramesh Rai (6/13/2015 7:46:00 AM)

    Beautiful spiritual write. Heavenly calling can not be denied. A great share. (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 273 Points Zegala Nobody (6/13/2015 12:45:00 AM)

    So nice and intense... I love it at all. It is fantastic, so keep writing. (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/13/2015 1:44:00 AM)

    We bless God for the intensity. Stay blessed my friend.

  • Gold Star - 5,098 Points Dr. A.celestine Raj Manohar Md (6/12/2015 2:32:00 PM)

    a nicely constructed spiritual poem. keep writing (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/12/2015 11:02:00 PM)

    We bless God, and God bless you

  • Gold Star - 6,923 Points Hazel Durham (6/10/2015 12:19:00 AM)

    To see the bigger picture no matter what we have to endure is God's eternal wisdom, to embrace our family and friends and to always show love and kindness on our journey through life, to rise after a fall with God's help.
    Beautiful, inspirational write! (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/10/2015 5:51:00 PM)

    Well said Hazel. God bless you

  • Silver Star - 3,097 Points Clarence Prince (6/6/2015 9:16:00 AM)

    These days it's so sad that they are killing Christians,
    yet we know that evil will always be fighting,
    but in the end God must win.
    And so, we are on the winning side.
    May God keeps us all safely everywhere.
    Going all out - God's Kingdom to enlarge
    Thanks for sharing this poem, Abossey! (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/6/2015 9:52:00 AM)

    We need to stay strong and be more focused. You are right brother, God must win and will win

  • Freshman - 936 Points Queeny Gona (6/5/2015 6:58:00 AM)

    Overcoming hurdles of life in an exemplary way that Christ showed us for the glory of LORD the Father to share Gospel dear Sir. (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/8/2015 3:17:00 PM)

    God bless you Queeny

  • Silver Star - 4,074 Points Soul Watcher (6/5/2015 1:30:00 AM)

    We need to keep watching our behavior to know how we can enhance it.
    Nice poem, you nailed it.
    Thanks for sharing (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/11/2015 12:47:00 AM)

    Surely... We need to. God bless you

  • Rookie - 10 Points Margaret Franceschini (6/4/2015 7:30:00 PM)

    your writing is as though I am reading the bible, reminding me of the narrow road, joy after sorrow, how He suffered for us. Writing for the Lord, that's you, this is your gift in ministry (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/6/2015 9:59:00 AM)

    We bless God. I will not stop, in Jesus name

  • Silver Star - 3,238 Points Frank Davis, Sr. (6/4/2015 1:59:00 PM)

    Truth well perceived.
    A righteous write, Abossey! (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 4,653 Points Patricia Grantham (6/2/2015 5:54:00 AM)

    Very deep and devotional. A poem written just like a prayer. Our
    hopes and dreams is alive in God. An eloquent write. (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 5,374 Points Allotey Abossey (6/2/2015 6:27:00 PM)

    indeed so, . Our hopes and dreams alive in God

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