Treasure Island

Pankaj Kumar

[PK] (13th Oct 1989 / Bokaro, India)

Poems of Pankaj Kumar

1. I am a human 9/11/2013
2. Let's dance with the lie 9/17/2013
3. Not Sure! 9/3/2013
4. To a Writer 9/10/2013
5. Trial and Judgment 9/3/2013
6. When I am alone 9/14/2013
7. Your Smile 9/9/2013

Trial and Judgment

Every day a trial goes on,
in the court of heart
mind is the prosecutor and the defense
self, ego and libido are the convicts
judge the intellect, hears all appeals

Mind accuses self
for being too high,
mind defends self

[Hata Bildir]