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1. The Tides Of Time -new- 7/30/2015
2. A Humorous Little Ditty -new- 7/22/2015
3. Madness Spinning All Around 7/1/2015
4. Condemnation (Haiku) 6/22/2015
5. Eternal Rest And Peace 6/22/2015
6. How To... 6/26/2015
7. Through A Raindrop Filtered 5/21/2015
8. The Paths We Tread 5/22/2015
9. What To Do When You Just Can'T Do It Again? 6/2/2015
10. There Is No One To See 6/3/2015
11. Masks - Haiku 6/3/2015
12. The Fool 6/12/2015
13. Self Pity 6/12/2015
14. At The End There Is Peace 6/13/2015
15. The Angel Of Death Visits 6/14/2015
16. If Just One Can Look Back And Know 6/14/2015
17. Rain 6/21/2015
18. The Question That I Ask 6/22/2015
19. Sometimes You Just Need To Bleed 9/29/2014
20. A New Day Dawns 10/5/2014
21. Masks 10/5/2014
22. Layers 10/7/2014
23. Evil Little Whispers 10/10/2014
24. A Date With Fate 10/31/2014
25. Shifting Rules 10/31/2014
26. Are You Real? 11/25/2014
27. The Blossom Failing (Haiku) 11/29/2014
28. Out Of Space And Out Of Time 12/1/2014
29. The Beast And The Heart 12/4/2014
30. A Wanderer 12/21/2014
31. The Redoubt 12/26/2014
32. A New Year Dawns 12/31/2014
33. The Wings Of Time 1/31/2015
34. A Ghost Who Drifts Among The World 2/13/2015
35. Heaven Can Wait 3/5/2015
36. Reach Out And Grab A Star 3/5/2015
37. Look In My Eyes - From My Wife 3/17/2015
38. Wander The Silvery Magical Ethereal Way 3/22/2015
39. The Eternal Battle 4/4/2015
40. With A Roar And A Cry 4/4/2015
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In A Land Of Darkness Am I Lost

In a land of black darkness am I lost
I want out of this land no matter the cost

I'm tired of tears burning down my face
Of the thoughts setting my heart to race

Thoughts of death, of peace at last
It's set in stone, the die is cast

The emptiness that eats me alive
Is buried way down deep inside

It sucks up my soul and spits it out
The pain of it makes me shout

On the wind my cries are blown
No one to hear, away they've flown

Still in my head the echoes ring
But of love and joy I'll never sing

For no heart is inside of ...

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Life Passing By

I walk outside and hear their voices
See them standing, walking, making choices

Actions and interactions,
each forming their own reactions

So much life all around
But none in me to be found

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