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Michael McParland

Poems of Michael McParland

1. (Dreams) Bonding As lovers Do 8/25/2014
2. *Sigh* 8/29/2014
3. 3 Years Since 8/25/2014
4. A Billion Years -new- 11/16/2014
5. A Crush 8/25/2014
6. A Goodnight Prayer 11/6/2014
7. A Lazy Sunday(Dreaming Of KP) -new- 11/16/2014
8. A Memory 8/25/2014
9. A Plea 8/25/2014
10. A Precious Love 8/25/2014
11. A Truth 10/28/2014
12. Aching For Us 10/21/2014
13. Addiction 11/1/2014
14. Agony 9/16/2014
15. Agony 2 9/20/2014
16. All I Know, Dedicated Too...... 8/25/2014
17. All I Want -new- 11/11/2014
18. All The Love We Hide 8/26/2014
19. Always 9/9/2014
20. Always Thinking Of You -new- 11/13/2014

Please Come Back Today

Please come back today my love do not delay another more.
Please come and hear my plea for the love to you I can convey,
then look into my eyes and you'll see even more.
For there aren't in existence the words I truly need to describe my boundless feelings and needs I have so deeply just for thee.

Please check your box and see the words that I have written.
You'll see my soul in them
my inner truth and spirit to you I have bidden.
Life grows more dull each day I'm without you near.

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