Matthias Pantaleon

Freshman - 673 Points (August 24,1984 / Oronija Island, Nigeria)

Matthias Pantaleon Poems

1. The Village Boy 4/4/2015
2. Andoni On My Mind 4/19/2015
3. We Love You Michael -new- 5/20/2015
4. Ida Obolo -new- 5/20/2015
5. Do They Dare To Care -new- 5/20/2015
6. Every Legend Has A Beginning -new- 5/20/2015
7. John -new- 5/20/2015
8. Ninety Nine Problems -new- 5/20/2015
9. Friendship -new- 5/20/2015
10. A Mind Of My Own -new- 5/20/2015
11. Andoni: The Nativity -new- 5/20/2015
12. Take Back The Hate -new- 5/20/2015
13. Come A Little Closer -new- 5/20/2015
14. Social Leper -new- 5/20/2015
15. Poetry -new- 5/20/2015
16. Leave Good Behind -new- 5/20/2015
17. Wolves In Sheep Clothing -new- 5/20/2015
18. They Don'T Care About Us -new- 5/20/2015
19. Victory Is On The Way -new- 5/20/2015
20. When The Head Is Rotten -new- 5/20/2015
21. Spank The Child -new- 5/20/2015
22. Humility Is A Virtue -new- 5/20/2015
23. Misunderstood -new- 5/20/2015
24. First Love -new- 5/20/2015
25. No Throne -new- 5/20/2015
26. Abiodun -new- 5/20/2015
27. Cockroaches -new- 5/20/2015
28. The Old Harbour -new- 5/20/2015
29. Remember Me -new- 5/20/2015
30. God Watches The Sleeping Child -new- 5/20/2015
31. Three Wise Men -new- 5/20/2015
32. Set Fire To The Rain -new- 5/20/2015
33. Ides Of March -new- 5/20/2015
34. Childhood -new- 5/20/2015
35. Their Eyes Were Watching God -new- 5/20/2015
36. Haiku -new- 5/20/2015
37. Quatrain -new- 5/20/2015
38. Life At Thirty 8/5/2014
39. William 9/27/2014
40. Victory Comes In The Morning 9/27/2014
Best Poem of Matthias Pantaleon

Andoni Islands

As the wind blows toward to my homeland
my heart melt a thousand times
From afar I could hear the waves
whispering on the river bank

Sun smiles more beautiful on water surface
Blue sky merge where earth meets heaven
Palms sway this way and that
Homeland is greener than ever

The pulse of my heart increases
As I draw closer to the shore
This is home to many sons afar
Sons who may never see their motherland

As I thought of sons who have fallen
in distant land tears pour plentiful
How foolish we are to think
We will ever be happy in ...

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The Village Boy

He walked barefooted down the road
Followed closely by two hunger stricken dogs
His pants, though made of white silk
Had become part of the earth
Exposing his thigh after years of weariness
His dishevelled appearance depicts him as rural
Then, he flashed smiles that cannot be undermined
An ariel of strong healthy white teeth
He smiled broadly, with lots of confidence too

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