Matthias Pantaleon

Rookie - 460 Points (August 24,1984 / Oronija Island, Nigeria)

Biography of Matthias Pantaleon

Matthias Pantaleon poet


Birth Name: Matthias Pantaleon
Born: August 24 1984
Birth Place: Oronija Island, Andoni
Ethnicity: Andoni (Ijaw)
Occupation: Poet, lyricist, playwright
Nationality: Nigerian
Period: 2001-present
Genres: Poetry drama shortstory
Subjects: Contemporary literature

Matthias Pantaleon (born August 24,1984) is a Nigerian poet, lyricist and playwright. His plays are set in contemporary settings with well defined characters and plot. He enjoys a good reputation for writing classics and satires. His poetry collections, Misunderstood, was published in 2012 and this was followed by Journey to the Unknown (2014) . Mudiaga (2015) was written mainly as a form of entertainment. Considering its short length which could pass for a radio-play, it was edited to an appropriate standard and format suitable for broadcast. He has written a reasonable number of ten-minutes plays which had since been performed in theatres around Lagos.

Born in Oronija Island to the Unama Royal House of Agana and the Etete War Canoe House of Okolo-Ile, Andoni, Rivers State, Nigeria. Pantaleon was raised in Borokiri area of Port Harcourt. He is the fourth in a family of seven. His father was a veteran in the Police Mobile Force (5 PMF Squadron Benin City) and retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Police after 35 years of meritorious service.
Raised in a catholic family, Pantaleon was baptised at St. Michael de archangel parish, Nnewi, in 1999; by Fr. Cletus Okoye and in year 2000, October 1st to be precise, he was confirmed according to the catholic tradition a soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ by Bishop Hilary Okeke with confirmation name Collins.

Pantaleon educated at OUCS Nnewi, Nnewi High School Nnewi, and Meu Victory College Idimu, Lagos.
He received a National Diploma in Mass Communication from Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Nigeria, in 2014; during his education he published two books: Misunderstood (2012) and Journey to the Unknown (2014) .

Pantaleon started writing professionally in 2001, inspired by Elechi Amadi's The Concubine, Ngugi Wa Thiong's Black Hermit, Camara Laye's African Child, David Diop's Africa (poem) and William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Between 2001-2009, Pantaleon wrote over five hundred poems on different themes and in different languages, two novels, one drama and other literary works. Though most of these books never saw the stable of publication as the original manuscripts were destroyed by his ex-girlfriend, Glory. An incident which caused him both emotional and mental set back as it reflects in his poems: Irrational lover, Odd, I am a student of life and Fair share. Among those unpublished manuscripts that were destroyed by Glory, in 2009; includes:

1. Cindino Marandino (Novel)
2. Owaji (Play)
3. Last Mayor of Port Harcourt (Novel)
4. Southern Hospitality (Poetry)
5. Dorisabel (Play)
6. Pirates of Andoni Island (Poetry)
7. Dead Dream (Play)
8. A Day Too Many (Public Diary)
9. The Intellectual Property (Philosophical quotes)

Matthias Pantaleon's Works:

Misunderstood 2012
Journey to the Unknown 2014
Mudiaga 2015 Updates

Eclipse Of The Heart

You love me so much
More than I love myself
I doubt if am worth it
Considering the pain I cause you

The tears I bring to your eyes
The night I stay out late
The days I made boring
The scene I create that I didn't mean to

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