Matthias Pantaleon

(August 24,1984 / Oronija Island, Nigeria)

Biography of Matthias Pantaleon

Matthias Pantaleon poet

Birth Name: Matthias Collins Pantaleon
Pen Name: Lyrics Munachi Fingers
Born: August 24,1984
Birth Place: Oronija Island, Andoni, Rivers State
Origin: Andoni Nigeria
Occupation: Poet, Playwright, Lyricist
Years active: 2001-present
Firm: Jones Walker Publishers
Associates: Lorri Trent, Blessed Mudiaga Adjekpagbon, Sarah True,

Lyrics Munachi Fingers (born August 24,1984) , better known by his birth name Matthias Pantaleon, is a Nigerian poet, playwright and lyricist. His works have been published and are also being published by various national newspapers and anthologies. Some of his works have being published in 'African Eyeballs, ' a publication of the Poetry Club of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta and 'Young Poetic Voices From Ebiks Studio' a publication of Society of Young Nigerian Writers.
Born in Oronija Island to the Unama Royal House of Agana and the Jackson Etete War Canoe House of Okolo-ile, Andoni, Niger Delta Region, Nigeria.

Pantaleon was raised between Benin, Ogoja, Port Harcourt and Nnewi in a catholic family.
Educated at OUCS Nnewi, Nnewi High School, Meu Victory College Idimu and Lagos State Polytechnic, where he study Mass Communication.
In 2002 while at Nnewi High School, Pantaleon was expelled for fighting with a school prefect while Mr. Nzewi, the Junior High School Principal was addressing staffs and students. Fight ensures between Pantaleon and Solomon Ijele the Junior Labour Prefect, when the later has tried to seize the lethal slippers of the former. The exposure was later over turn by the intervention of his form teacher Mrs. Joy Akonu (being a Class Captain himself) , Pantaleon was a favourite among his teachers.
Raised in the Catholic faith, Pantaleon was baptized at St. Michael de Archangel Parish Nnewi in 1999 by Fr. Cletus Okoye and in the year 2000, October 1st to be precise, he was confirmed according to the Catholic tradition a soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ by Bishop Hillary Okeke with confirmation name Collins.

Matthias Pantaleon started writing professionally in 2001, inspired by Elechi Amadi, Ngugi Wa Thiong, Camara Laye, David Diop and William Shakespeare. Pantaleon has written over one thousand poems on different issues and languages, seven plays (dramas) and two novels. Though most of these books never saw the stables of publication as the original manuscripts were destroyed by his ex-girlfriend, Glory. An incident which caused him both emotional and mental set back as it reflects in his poems: Irrational lover, Odd, I am a student of life and Fair share. Pantaleon is a Poet to watch as his obvious literary skills is reflected in his literary works

Matthias Pantaleon's Works:

Eclipse of the Heart 2012 (poetry chapbook 2014)
Journey to the Unknown 2014 (play)
Mudiaga 2014 (play)
Saving Chibok Girls 2014 (poetry chapbook)
Prisoner of Conscience 2014 (poetry chapbook) Updates

Eclipse Of The Heart

You loved me so much
More than I love myself
And sometimes I wonder if am worth it
All the pain I cause you

The tears I bring to your eyes
The nights I slept outside
The days I made boring
The fight I start

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