Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 17,322 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

1. To Seed The Steps Of Heaven 8/21/2011
2. The Garden 8/21/2011
3. The Rose And The Bumble Bee… 8/21/2011
4. Pale White Beauty 8/21/2011
5. Candle-Wax-Sky 8/21/2011
6. The Lord Of Catchers-Can 8/21/2011
7. The Music Of One's Love 8/21/2011
8. Nicknames For Aislinn 8/21/2011
9. Divergent Rivers 8/21/2011
10. Schizophrenics 8/21/2011
11. That’s What They At The Asylum Now Say 8/24/2011
12. The Bell Of Knutsford’s Many Throng 8/24/2011
13. Little Bug… 8/24/2011
14. Hang Me A Door With Gables Bright! 8/24/2011
15. Language Is The Kingdom 8/24/2011
16. To Err Is Human ‘songstresses’. 2/3/2012
17. Flightless Angels Shall Fervently Stare 2/3/2012
18. Once They Spall-Sparkled Like Foxglove! 2/3/2012
19. The Night Runs In Fear Of The Dreamer 2/3/2012
20. The Oohs And Oh’s... Of A Winter Rose 2/3/2012
21. Even The Cuckoo Has To Find Its Layer... 2/3/2012
22. No Louder Than The Snoring Tigers Lolling Tongue! 2/3/2012
23. Haiku 2/3/2012
24. Cemetery Walks… 2/3/2012
25. Love Kept Her For A Teacup 2/3/2012
26. Lord My Love Don’t You Know…? 2/3/2012
27. Minted And Crowned 2/3/2012
28. Where The Moonlight And I Repine 2/3/2012
29. Harvey’s: Lullaby… 2/3/2012
30. The Path Of A Six Year Old Believer! 2/3/2012
31. The Truth About Ruth… 2/3/2012
32. What Was She Doing, There? 2/3/2012
33. As A Cloud Seated To Envelope A Mountain 2/16/2012
34. Silk Road 2/16/2012
35. Heavens Torment 2/16/2012
36. Through All Our Unending Time 2/16/2012
37. In These Cormorant Hours 2/16/2012
38. The Greyer The Storm Light Folds 2/16/2012
39. Till The Dawn-Light; Ember Lilts 2/16/2012
40. By The River Of Contemplation 2/16/2012
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins
The gutters are swelling
[Waiting] for the sky—you, I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain

River street urchins
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
River street urchins

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free
Till we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free to go
We'll never ...

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I Miss Missing You

I miss missing you like a nagging toothache
The pain was deeply rooted in my heart
I didn't go to the dentist; did you
The pain, the pain was all too sharp.

Destiny makes me pine with every supple-sinew
Then you came alongside me taking my hand.
Ah, all agonies then slowly dissipated and withdrew
Season after season into eternity they extract, subtract.

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