Leonard Dabydeen

Veteran Poet - 1,670 Points (Guyana)

Leonard Dabydeen Poems

1. Wings To Fly 1/22/2010
2. Gratitude 1/22/2010
3. Just A Dream 1/22/2010
4. Our Own World 1/21/2010
5. In God We Trust 1/21/2010
6. Sweet-Scented Perfume 1/22/2010
7. The One I Love 1/22/2010
8. Raindrops Our Tears 1/24/2010
9. Rise Up After The Fall 1/24/2010
10. Behind Every Gilded Armor 1/24/2010
11. Maybe If... 1/24/2010
12. I'M Yours To Hold Tenderly 1/24/2010
13. Here Is Our Playground 1/24/2010
14. This Hand That Touches You 1/24/2010
15. The Best Gifts 1/24/2010
16. Dishonesty 1/25/2010
17. Misunderstandings 1/25/2010
18. Life & Death 1/25/2010
19. Please Read Me As I Am 1/25/2010
20. Tonight 1/25/2010
21. The Innocence Of Dying 1/26/2010
22. Let Me Be... 1/26/2010
23. The Poet 1/26/2010
24. Like A Song Bird 1/27/2010
25. Make Love To This World 1/31/2010
26. Pleasure 1/31/2010
27. She's Gone 1/31/2010
28. How I Wish To Sing You A Song 1/31/2010
29. What Is Real? 1/31/2010
30. Swirl Of Kinship 1/31/2010
31. I'Ve Got To Run 1/31/2010
32. Love Of Nature 1/31/2010
33. Depth Is Illusive Like A Bad Dream 2/3/2010
34. Solving Problems 2/3/2010
35. I Am At The Cross-Roads 2/3/2010
36. Silent Thoughts 2/3/2010
37. When Happiness Is Illusive 2/3/2010
38. This Field Of Life 2/3/2010
39. Oh How Love Is Deaf 2/4/2010
40. Retirement Sometimes Comes... 2/4/2010
Best Poem of Leonard Dabydeen


She creeps around my room
lulling any sound whispering
in the creak of my chair
or the opening of a cabinet
watching and listening
like a hawk perched for flight
then she comes into my mind
with a hug and a kiss
loving me for who I am
and who I want to be
or who I have become
then she tickles me
in the vulnerability of my soul
stirring me into life
and I begin to let my keyboard play
like a piano of my dreams
as I play a song for her to sleep
while I sift through my world
like a spider’s web
trapped in the loneliness
of bountiful joy...

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In God We Trust

If so much in faith in God we trust
our love to share forever we must
lift our spirits in outreach so high
sifting away the rubbles to see the sky
every darkness in time will vanish
every light will sparkle without tarnish.

If with bruised hands our pain we must endure
our hope in time will keep us secure

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