Treasure Island

Kazi Maisha

Poems of Kazi Maisha

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2. 'Daddy, I Love You' 5/19/2014
3. I Am Who I Am 1/5/2014
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5. On Behalf Of Barbies 4/14/2014
6. Our True Friend 3/23/2014
7. R.I.P. 2/18/2014
8. Taking Off The Doll Mask 3/27/2014
9. The True Worth Of Quotes 12/31/2013
10. Time To Get Up 12/28/2013
11. We Better Watch Our Mouths (Hello) 2/1/2014
12. Were We The Same? 5/21/2014

Time To Get Up

I tend to shut people out
Been put to doubt
Left to kick by a few sadistic other
But now I don't let that bother

I feel thrown away when I see those other smile
I have put my happy life away by a big mile
All because of them
No, I shall not thoroughly demolish myself for them

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