Treasure Island

kanav justa


Poems of kanav justa

1. A Bad/Good Poet? ? 12/23/2013
2. A Crow Complains Of His Bitter Voice 4/11/2014
3. A Dead King Begging For Life 12/31/2013
4. A Dreaming Child 3/8/2014
5. A Father Without His Son 2/3/2014
6. A Garbage Poem With Chracters From PH 1/10/2014
7. A Shitty Poem 11/29/2012
8. A Shitty Poem 2 1/30/2014
9. A Tree In Thought Of His Mother 1/17/2014
10. A Wish Before Death 12/24/2012
11. After Bath Blues 5/31/2013
12. And She Thinks Of Her Beloved 3/19/2014
13. Bribed By Death 6/2/2014
14. Cloud And Stone 12/17/2013
15. Constant Sorrow 12/13/2012
16. D For Dog 2/10/2014
17. Embrace The Beauty 2/5/2014
18. Far Side Of The Moon 12/21/2013
19. Fishes In Blues 1/26/2014
20. For Those Who Lost Their Dear One's 1/6/2014

A Shitty Poem

Some things makes us wise and Some things makes us bad
Sometimes you just wish, you should have listened to your dad
Sometimes you wonder of the things that you have with you
sometimes you just throw them, and bring yourself all new
Sometimes struck in chaos, when your thought seems to shutdown
Thinking of some shit, sometimes black sometimes brown
Why this fkuk has to happen always with me
Like some tire I roll, where dogs come and they pee
Why is that when I sit down to write some seri

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