Hazel Durham

Hazel Durham Poems

1. The Wind 8/11/2015
2. Unstoppable Emotions -new- 5/4/2016
3. Twilight 3/26/2016
4. In The Park 12/8/2015
5. The Old Yellow Brick Road 9/5/2015
6. A Dancer's Grace 10/3/2015
7. Chasing A Moonbeam 10/19/2015
8. The Darkness 9/12/2015
9. A Better Way 9/13/2015
10. It's Never Too Late 12/15/2015
11. The Leading Lady 2/28/2016
12. My Humble Tent 11/10/2014
13. Our Way 11/12/2014
14. Nature's Best 6/4/2015
15. A Guiding Light 6/8/2015
16. Over The Horizon 12/17/2015
17. Finding Home 9/25/2015
18. Just A Plain Girl 10/26/2015
19. The Untamed Beast 8/20/2015
20. A Fallen Leaf 7/3/2015
21. Field Of Weeds 7/6/2014
22. There Has To Be More Than This 1/4/2013
23. A Golden Hue 5/24/2015
24. The Rain 8/8/2015
25. A Beautiful Heart 10/31/2015
26. Sunshine 9/7/2015
27. Flying To Freedom 12/22/2015
28. Padraig 11/24/2015
29. A Loving Thrill 6/18/2015
30. Once Upon A Time........ 6/21/2015
31. The Secret 12/27/2014
32. Rainbow 5/4/2015
33. Footprints In The Sand 4/11/2016
34. November Rain 11/6/2015
35. The Muse 4/4/2014
36. The Sheen Of Life 5/16/2014
37. The Wallflower 7/28/2013
38. Night And Day 8/9/2013
39. Dancing On Clouds 4/7/2013
40. Forever Time 7/19/2015
Best Poem of Hazel Durham

The Beauty Of The Truth

A smooth, round pebble thrown with joy into a Killarney lake,
Creates movement of dancing ripples that reflects the light of the day,
Like the film of their lives, beginning with the first take,
My mother's moist, brown eyes scattered with flecks of green,
Holding internal scars and the vibrancy of your dream,
With your dignity and grace,
You embraced the very core of living,
The gift that adorned you like a regal crown,
Was the art of giving,
Honeymoon by the enchanting, mystical Killarney lakes,
I hold an old black and white photo,
Of our mum and ...

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Twilight is a time for her to turn around and walk home,
To a place where she never felt alone
To see the glory and fall of her emotions cascading down the mountainside,
As her home was found in a place where people had smiles so wide,

In the embrace of Slievenamon's sultry gaze and enviable charm
Of the mountain hugging it's offspring sweet and warm,
They were surrounded by lush green pastures of working farms,
She had entered this world silently bursting with an emotional volcano

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