F. J. Thomas

[F. J. Thomas]

Poems of F. J. Thomas

1. Among Broken Pieces 6/30/2014
2. Arousal of the Muse -new- 8/1/2014
3. Binding Echoes -new- 7/22/2014
4. Call of the Harvest Master 6/30/2014
5. Captivations of an Art Form -new- 7/31/2014
6. Celestial Submission 6/9/2014
7. Clarity of Dark Waters 6/9/2014
8. Dark Night of a Soul -new- 7/30/2014
9. Feminine Intentions 6/9/2014
10. I Am But a Small Voice -new- 7/22/2014
11. In Search of Gaia - A Collaboration -new- 7/31/2014
12. In the Absence of Light -new- 7/28/2014
13. Methodology of an Algorithmic Artform 7/1/2014
14. Now We Are Free 6/11/2014
15. Plea of a Tormented Heart 7/1/2014
16. Primal Beauty 6/11/2014
17. Prime Reasoning -new- 8/1/2014
18. Raven's Cry 6/11/2014
19. Reflecting the Sunrise 6/11/2014
20. Remembering Her Worth -new- 7/29/2014

Primal Beauty

Swimming through a blanket of dark, no restraining bars
Can you see her? That silhouette gliding through the stars
Making each shine brighter; forming every constellation
Twirling around planets; admiring all that time has done
With the splendor of Auroras she's graced; with comets she spars
Skating around Saturn's rings, while taming the passion of Mars
Watch each graceful bend, appreciate her elaborate dance
Singing to the moon; her song uplifting the dim expanse
Each twist and every

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