Derek. A. Sim

(North East England.)

Poems of Derek. A. Sim

1. Better Late Than Never... 12/5/2012
2. Has Anyone Got The Time 6/7/2012
3. Linda Chose Me 8/26/2013
4. My Tynedale. 10/10/2009
5. The Heat Of The Battle 6/7/2012
6. The Place I Love! 10/10/2009
7. Trbal Entrenchment 10/10/2009
8. Usain Bolt 8/26/2013

Has Anyone Got The Time

Dreams live far in the future,
Memories dwell back in the past,
The only time that is real,
Is now, and it surely won't last,
This is the moment to live,
The only time that is true,
All other times are irrelevant,
Now is the time to be you.
The time to enjoy, is here now,

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