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Beach Leanbh Poems

1. Peach City Girl 4/23/2010
2. Tempest Rising 4/23/2010
3. Petals On A Stream 4/23/2010
4. The Coming Of Death 4/23/2010
5. Return To Me 4/23/2010
6. I'M Needing More 4/23/2010
7. Cala Tortuga 7/2/2010
8. Ever More 11/1/2010
9. The Phantom 11/16/2010
10. For Her Eyes Alone 12/2/2010
11. My Perfect Muse 12/15/2010
12. Sonnet Iii - 'Languishing Lazy On A Wooded Perch' 1/5/2011
13. Sonnet Iv - 'An Aria Of Life Breathed Through Her Lips' 3/23/2011
14. The Shadow Cast 3/23/2011
15. Unbound Love 4/13/2011
16. Landlocked Lovers 9/15/2011
17. Blackbird, My Blackbird 9/26/2010
18. Curse Of The Dawn 4/23/2010
19. Drunken Email 4/23/2010
20. Of Love And Blossoms 4/23/2010
21. Sonnet Ii - 'An Instant. A Mote Through The Hourglass Falls' 5/27/2010
22. Waiting 10/5/2012
23. A Robot Love Story 2/17/2011
24. Artemis 4/24/2010
25. Watermelon And Honeydew 4/23/2010
26. We Are But Trees 4/23/2010
27. As Sea And Moon Align 1/25/2012
28. Wayward Star 4/23/2010
29. Tick Tock 4/23/2010
30. That Trinket Most Treasured 6/9/2010
31. Dreams Of Passion 4/23/2010
32. Tonight We Rise 7/23/2010
33. Sonnet I - 'surely Thou Art A Body Heavenly' 5/5/2010
34. Ode To Eternity 4/23/2010
35. A Gentle Seduction 4/23/2010
36. Death Of The Inanimate 4/23/2010
37. To My Heart's Keeper 4/28/2010
38. A Mortal Masterpiece 4/27/2010
Best Poem of Beach Leanbh

A Mortal Masterpiece

She sits before me, an infallible piece
A masterwork of bone, sinew, and skin
Defying perfection her fairest cheeks and feminine chin
Her form crafted and carved as a statue of ancient Greece

Lo! I would keep her hidden, a secret held unto me
Locked away to appease my most jealous heart
For it would cause a mortal cut if e’er we were apart
My soul she holds captive, her eyes contained the very key

But I could not withhold such beauty from the Earth
A prisoner to my selfishness, a fate yet undeserved
Her expert shape and classical features to all should be ...

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Petals On A Stream

Diamond heart set on sapphire sky. Not wanting, everlasting
Months now gone, perished quickly. Love hunting. Ever fasting
To be ago again. Swathed in sublime arete. Patterned kisses typing on my lips
Speak to me with your wordless kisses. Narrate my soul again.
Rend the heavens subtle kisses. Soar with me and depart our bodies

Perfect and sacramental before me. Set upon an unseen altar
I worship your blood, your marrow, your breath – replenishing your soul anon
I pray to your bone, your

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