Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Silver Star - 3,764 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

41. Above Imagination's Tower 11/16/2012
42. Abstract Fund! 3/30/2011
43. Acting Victimizes 3/8/2011
44. Ahead The Tranquil Bay, Opens Passage, 3/5/2011
45. Aimee B.Guia ‘s Indian Brother On Aimee’s Picture. 3/26/2011
46. All Those! 7/23/2013
47. Amrapali The Public Dancer, And Lord Buddha. By Ray Subrata 5/4/2011
48. An Image Of Tranquility 6/5/2012
49. And Yet 11/9/2015
50. Ar Pita -The Infinite 3/4/2013
51. Arpita Samanta Of Alpine 10/13/2012
52. Arpita Samanta, - The Nun-Divine 10/5/2012
53. Arpita -The Immortal Love. 7/20/2014
54. Arpita The, -Thrilling Prize 6/7/2013
55. Arpita, -My First Poem. 12/2/2013
56. Arpita, -The Tinged Glow 10/5/2012
57. Arpita, -The Blue Butterfly 3/24/2012
58. Arpita, -The Consciously Unconscious Permanence. 6/23/2013
59. Arpita, -The Equal In Love. 7/12/2015
60. Arpita, -The Grandest Prize 10/7/2012
61. Arpita, -The Green Impossible. 7/10/2015
62. Arpita, -The Hidden Intruder. 7/15/2015
63. Arpita, -The Love As Divine In The Body. 11/24/2013
64. Arpita, -The Only One. 9/7/2013
65. Arpita, -The Voice From The Strange Realm. 7/10/2015
66. Arpita’s Unexpressed Love, - 7/11/2015
67. Arpita’s Vow On Cultivating Faith’s Seed. 6/1/2013
68. Arpita's Call. 7/11/2015
69. Arpita's Holy Well. 8/30/2014
70. Arpita's Live Fragrance. 7/13/2015
71. Arpita's Love. 12/16/2012
72. Arpita's Mantle On Supernatural Transformation. 7/21/2014
73. Arpita's Vision 7/10/2015
74. Arpita's White Story Of Love. 7/10/2015
75. Ashik Khan, -The Passage Of Love, -Dedicated To Ashik Kahan 3/3/2016
76. Atman Loves. 11/8/2013
77. Avatar And His Apostles. 6/8/2012
78. Avatar Sri Ramakrishna. 2/2/2013
79. Awakened Vampire In Human-Woods. 3/3/2011
80. Basudeb Biswas, -The Icon Of Humanity. 11/13/2015
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Love For The Beloved.

Long before the clicking of time-clock,
When memory had no advent,
Your abstract image planted its reflection,
In the all mirrored prism of my soul.

I had many a query and musing,
On the occasional projections,
And silently condensed forms and figures,
Like the recovery of oblivious dreams.

In temple, church and caves, the same image,
The same exploration, more in wretched and outcast,
Had an impelling sway as if a drop of water holds thousand oceans,

Like the ardent cry of an widow damsel,
For a promised off-sea captain,
Or the ...

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Forbidden Seasons

No change shared she,
Spring passed like wave,
Rains flood had no impact,
Autumns though set on her body,
And winter’s cold, proved bold,
Ever young, though without old.

I am hers and she is mine,
Nature and Time never shine,

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