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(Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD)

Poems of Adeline Foster

121. SYNERGY* 6/26/2009
122. The Captain's Secret 2/5/2014
123. The Cat is Free 8/8/2007
124. The Note 5/14/2013
125. THOUGHTS* 11/22/2008
126. Time Heals 10/1/2008
127. To Be Completely Known and All Forgiven 12/31/2012
128. To Landor 2/7/2014
129. Trees 1/16/2008
130. Unborn 9/20/2012
131. WHEN LOVE DIES 11/10/2008
132. WHO AM I 9/21/2008
133. WOMAN’S LOT 7/13/2009

Sonnet Beyond Love

Forever in the caverns of my heart
Roam spirits of the loves I leave behind.
Ever will the echo of their touch
Leave patterns of their footsteps in my mind.
With nicks from many partings in the past
Ever will those cavern walls be lined.
Drops of mem'ry build stalagmites of the cast
Of actors in my theater of time.
Ever have my footsteps shunned the paths

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