The Silent Sword

Rookie - 14 Points [Half the Fortress] (April 2,1997)

The Silent Sword Poems

1. Reflections 6/23/2012
2. Therefore I Am 10/9/2012
3. Sapling Tree 10/20/2012
4. The Wanderer's Mountain 1/8/2013
5. Silent Sword 1/24/2013
6. Ageless 3/24/2013
7. House Of Four Chambers 5/4/2013
8. I Love You 5/15/2013
9. Seasonal Robin 6/2/2013
10. I Am The Few 6/23/2013
11. The Philosopher 7/11/2013
12. Imperfections 8/11/2013
13. Pale Beauty 8/12/2013
14. All He Can Do 11/26/2013
15. A Nameless Love 4/17/2014
16. The Philosopher Ii 5/9/2014
17. A Vision Shared 8/11/2014
18. The Game Of Love 6/1/2013
19. I Am My Life 6/9/2012
20. Heatless Flame 4/27/2012
21. Lone Warrior 1/18/2013
22. Half The Fortress 8/2/2012
23. Droplet 10/16/2012
24. I Am My Death 6/9/2012
25. Snowfire 10/24/2012
26. Don'T Look Back 7/29/2012
Best Poem of The Silent Sword

Don'T Look Back

I look back
And I see my loss.
I feel the shoving pressure of waves.
Friendly faces become cold and cross.
Crumbling to pieces stone is razed.

I look back
And I see my mistakes.
Souls burn from overwhelming heat.
Screams and shouts for no one's sake.
Monstrous corruption growls and eats.

I look back
And see nothing can be done.
Darkness fills itself with blood and tears.
Delight and woe but misery has won.
So much more regret in the past two years.

I look back.
I think of you and let it ...

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I Am My Life

I am my own Comfort.
I am my own Light.
I am my own Courage.
I am my own Strength.

I am my own Success.
I am my own Creation.
I am my own Alleviation.
I am all that is Peace.

I am my Greatest Ally.
I am my own Savior.
I am my Beginning.
I am my Life….

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