Suicidal Happiness

Rookie - 2 Points (The graves in my mind)

Suicidal Happiness Poems

1. Perceptions 4/21/2013
2. Confused Depression 4/21/2013
3. Unwanted And Unworthy To My Mother Dearest 4/22/2013
4. The Unnamed Hatred 4/25/2013
5. Dark Happiness 5/1/2013
6. Pretty Girls And Desires 5/2/2013
7. The Happiness From The Hatred 5/4/2013
8. As We Fall 5/7/2013
9. My Beautiful Anorexi – Love 5/8/2013
10. Issues 5/9/2013
11. Lunch 5/9/2013
12. My Beautiful Infectious Diseased Girl 5/12/2013
13. Tired Hatred 5/15/2013
14. She Is Dead 5/19/2013
15. Peace Love 5/22/2013
16. Mother Of Mine 7/8/2013
17. Poem From The Eleven Year Old Self 7/10/2013
18. The Stairwell To My Little Girl 7/11/2013
19. Darkness And She 7/18/2013
20. Rumours Without You 6/13/2013
21. Against Society 7/24/2013
22. Mosqueda 8/7/2013
23. Wedding In Black 8/18/2013
24. Robbins 9/2/2013
25. World 9/3/2013
26. School Yard Talk 9/3/2013
27. Du Bois - Sweet Sad Sixteen 10/27/2013
28. Du Bois - Know 11/3/2013
29. Take Away Your Mind 11/3/2013
30. Life In The Seeds Of Weed 6/22/2013
31. To Mum – From Your Disgrace 5/12/2013
32. Butterflies And Fairies 8/5/2013
33. My Perfect Mother Dearest 5/20/2013
34. The Psychopathic Poison Girl 5/12/2013
35. Falling Happiness 4/18/2013
36. My Jeremy Wade Delle 5/13/2013
37. Miss Anderson 6/4/2013
38. This Hell Is Born In Our Eden 5/15/2013
39. When I Break 5/15/2013
40. The Darkness 6/4/2013
Best Poem of Suicidal Happiness

Angels Hair And My Noose

Angels fall and babies cry
Walking around mindlessly insane and I don't know why
My vision of ecstasy is only you
That happiness that I've never had leaves me hopeless to
One week has passed and I feel pathetic, frustrated and somewhat insane
You made me think I could be beautiful what a horrible lie something so vein
My veins have been cut and my bruises made
But at your feet I fall and down goes my cascade
I promise to you that I will get better
But believe me when I say it's only getting harder
The thorn in my tights and my suicidal dream
Life is ...

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Classroom Ghost

Quiet and proven to be unknown
I have no name and I am all alone
Sitting in the back of the classroom as I watch the humans speak
Loneliness is all I know and darkness is what I seek
Sometimes I wish to be like them, so pretty and alive
But I could never be like them and how they carry out their life
My strange desires would scare them all way
My words are unheard no matter what I say
If I left this earth no one would notice or care

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