Suicidal Happiness

Rookie - 2 Points (The graves in my mind)

Biography of Suicidal Happiness

A teen with angst and a view of the world that most people dont think of.

No Justice
No Peace! !

Happiness doesnt exist in the world, its only that space in your mind where you can escape if your lucky or blessed

Everyone needs to remember that every being in the entire world is fake, just some people are better at acting sorry.
Lieing and cheating is instict
Something we have all done and in saying that at some stage or another it all comes out. Just be the one to let it out or they may never forgive you Updates

Falling Happiness

Torn paper and shattered tears
Suicidal attempts and hated fears
Cold heart and broken wings
Hated life and psychedelic things
Scared skin on beautiful beings
Tired eyes and war-like scenes
Fighting parents that disintegrates a soul
Screwed up minds that leave you cold
Many of blades that glide across a heart of steel

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