Stanley Collymore


Poems of Stanley Collymore

1. A Core Issue 6/6/2013
2. A Crucial Turning Point! 6/5/2013
3. A Declaration of Love 6/15/2013
4. A Fit Of Madness 6/6/2013
5. A Foreseen Tragedy 6/4/2013
6. A Good Mix 6/1/2013
7. A Journey of Discovery 6/4/2013
8. A journey of unintended consequences 9/5/2013
9. A New Awakening 6/4/2013
10. A New Year’s Prayer 12/27/2013
11. A Puzzling Dilemma 9/23/2013
12. A Rainbow In The Sky 6/3/2013
13. A rare kind of love 6/4/2013
14. A Real Winner 6/6/2013
15. A Spectacular Choice 6/6/2013
16. A Truly Inspirational Partnership 6/1/2013
17. A walk on the seamier side of Christmas 12/21/2013
18. Admired and Desired 6/5/2013
19. Advice to all Bankers 8/31/2013
20. Alone but not lonely 6/3/2013

Kenneth G. Doughlin

You were much more than my English Master for you
were also my Sunday School Teacher, inspirational
mentor, and as I grew into adulthood a close and
trusted friend just like you were to my parents and
grandparents before me, and subsequently my siblings
and numerous others too whose minds and personal
characters you skilfully crafted, enabling us all
to effortlessly become productive and, in
several cases as well, extraordinarily

[Hata Bildir]