Songs About / On: DAUGHTER

In this page, songs on / about “daughter” are listed.
  • 1.
    Farmer's Daughter

    I could come from miles away
    Ain't got (ain't got
    ain't got)
    No place to stay (place to stay
    place to stay)
    Glad to (glad to
    glad to)
    Help you plow your fields (help you plow
    help you plow)
    Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter
    farmer's daughter) read more »

    Beach Boys
  • 2.
    Daughter of Darkness

    Woman, I can remember a woman
    Warm were her kisses and tender was she lying there in my arms
    Why, did you deceive me so?
    What devil inside made you go when I needed you most of all-ll
    Oh daughter of darkness
    Stay out of my life, my life
    You took my heart and broke it apart, you daughter of darkness
    Daughter of darkness
    Please, leave me alone forever
    Daughter of darkness, gone is the love that we shared together
    Heaven, we had our own kind of heaven
    Sharing together the magic of read more »

    Tom Jones
  • 3.
    Muzorewi's Daughter

    [spoken to audience] We're not doing that one either
    Get that spot
    Put it in the pot for me
    Cos I'm Muzorewi's daughter
    I was Muzorewi's daughter read more »

  • 4.

    You and I can see what's going wrong
    We know we don't like it going wrong
    Daughter can you have sons for yourself
    Daughter can you have some for yourself read more »

    Status Quo
  • 5.
    Mister Jones

    Oh, Mister Jones I'd like to speak to you for a moment,
    If you don't mind
    I love your daughter and I wanta make her mine
    Mrs. Jones please be seated,
    I know what's running through your mind read more »

    Loudermilk John
  • 6.
    O'reilly's Daughter

    As I was sitting by the fire
    Talking to O'Reilly's daughter
    Suddenly a thought came into my head
    I'd like to marry O'Reilly's daughter.
    Chorus: read more »

    Town Pants
  • 7.
    Somebody's Daughter

    ooh somebody's daughter

    give me room to breathe
    there are times when i feel i could drown without water
    give me time to see
    just one dream that is mine read more »

    Archer Tasmin
  • 8.
    Unprodigal Daughter

    I had disengaged to avoid being totaled
    I would run away and say good riddance, soon enough
    I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling
    Imagine myself bolting had not been difficult read more »

    Alanis Morissette
  • 9.
    Anyone's Daughter

    I stood under your bedroom window
    Throwing up a brick
    No one came I threw one more
    That really did the trick
    Your daddy came and banged my head
    He said what kind of man
    Is this that’s hanging ’round my girl
    And threw me in the car
    You’re a farmer’s daughter
    You’re a farmer’s daughter
    Why do I always get
    The kinda girl I didn’t oughta get
    I won’t get no more eggs and water
    Now I’ve laid the farmer’s daughter read more »

    Deep Purple
  • 10.
    The Native Daughters Of The Golden West

    The Native Daughters of the Golden West
    In ecstasy they cry to know
    If their parents love will let them go
    Their mother's pride, their fathers joy
    They thank the stars that they're not boys read more »

    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
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