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  • 1.

    Chicago, Chicago
    That toddlin' town
    Chicago, Chicago
    I'll show you around, I love it
    Bet your bottom dollar read more »

  • 2.
    Take Me Back to Chicago

    Take me back to chicago
    Lay my soul to rest
    Where my life was free and easy
    Remember me at my best read more »

  • 3.

    Chicago, chicago, that toddlin’ town
    Chicago, chicago, I’ll show you around (you’ll stay around)
    Bet your bottom dollar you lose the blues in
    Chicago, chicago, the folks who visit
    All wanna settle down. (all wanna settle down in my hometown) read more »

  • 4.
    My Kind of Town

    Now this could only happen to a guy like me
    And only happen in a town like this
    So may I say to each of you most gratefully
    As I throw each one of you a kiss read more »

    Frank Sinatra
  • 5.

    Writer(s): fischer

    Chicago, chicago that toddling town
    Chicago, chicago I’ll show you around - I love it
    Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in chicago
    The town that billy’s sunday could not shut down read more »

    Frank Sinatra
  • 6.
    S. a. X.

    Break out, jump
    Night line to chicago
    Break out, go
    Night shift in tobago (? )

    Break out, shout
    Shakedown from chicago
    Break out, jump
    One, two, three, four read more »

  • 7.
    Sweet Home Chicago

    Come on
    Oh baby don’t you wanna go
    Come on
    Oh baby don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet home chicago read more »

    Blues Brothers
  • 8.
    In Chicago (in The Ghetto)

    In Chicago
    dort wo nie ein Strahl der Sonne fällt,
    erblickte er das Licht der Welt
    in Chicago read more »

    Ricky Shane
  • 9.
    The Night Chicago Died

    Daddy was a cop on the east side of Chicago
    Back in the USA
    back in the bad old days.

    In the heat of a summer night
    In the land of the dollar bill.
    When the town of Chicago died
    And they talk about it still
    When a man named Al Capone
    Tried to make that town his own.
    And he called his gang to war
    With the forces of the law. read more »

    Paper Lace
  • 10.
    I'm Dying Tomorrow

    I’m dying tomorrow
    This house, this street, chicago
    I’m dying tomorrow
    Did I do it right
    Did I remember to sleep in read more »

    Alkaline Trio
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