Shalom Freedman

Bronze Star - 2,762 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

1. I Have Had Enough Of Complaining Poetry -new- 8/2/2015
2. I Forgot Myself/I Wrote Another Morning Poem -new- 7/19/2015
3. There Are Poems -new- 7/20/2015
4. This Poem Before I Go Away -new- 7/22/2015
5. I Feel Worthless When I Do Not Write -new- 7/24/2015
6. The Poems Repeat Themselves -new- 7/27/2015
7. I Haven'T Done That Much -new- 7/27/2015
8. I Understand At Last -new- 7/28/2015
9. There Is So Much Beauty And So Much Life -new- 7/30/2015
10. When The Life Of The Poet/Is His Principle Poetry 7/7/2015
11. Have I Come To The End/ Long Before The End? 7/7/2015
12. Will There Ever Be A Poem Again / Which Is Not About There Ever Being A Poem Again? 7/9/2015
13. In The Late Night Longing 7/12/2015
14. Where Has It Gone? All The Beauty 7/13/2015
15. The Beauty Of Music 7/15/2015
16. I Was Rereading Myself The Other Day 7/16/2015
17. Despair Is Nowhere To Go 5/11/2015
18. Sadness Does Not Save Us/Pain Does Not Help 5/12/2015
19. I Did Not Wait To Hear The Words Inside 5/14/2015
20. Uncertainty 5/14/2015
21. The World Is A Sad Place 5/17/2015
22. One Has Done All That One Could Do 5/18/2015
23. They Laughed At A Man Who Gave His Life To Poetry 5/19/2015
24. I Am Where Nothing Is 5/20/2015
25. The Poem That Waits Outside The Words 5/20/2015
26. I Have Too Much Grief In Me 5/21/2015
27. The Despair Of 'Nothing To Do 5/24/2015
28. If All I Can Write Is Words Of Despair 5/26/2015
29. A Few Words Of Praise For My Poems 5/27/2015
30. The More I Write 5/28/2015
31. There Are Those Who Want To Die And Cannot 5/29/2015
32. I Have Come Back 5/29/2015
33. I Wish I Had Another Name For This Sadness 5/30/2015
34. Tired Poems 6/1/2015
35. The Weight Of The Years Is Too Much 6/7/2015
36. I Am At A Loss 6/10/2015
37. Every Year Some Of My High-School Classmates Die 6/10/2015
38. It Is Not Only That We Die 6/14/2015
39. What All The Others Have And Do And Make 6/15/2015
40. This Silence Overwhelms Me 6/16/2015
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

The Beauty Of A Poem

The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life
The beauty which makes us want to live life more
The beauty which pains us inside
The beauty in longing.
The beauty we come upon by surprise
The beauty of the day and the beauty of the night
The beauty we all have inside us
The beauty we can see and feel and never explain
The beauty that lifts us up
The beauty that makes us want to live more
The beauty that makes us reach out to God
The beauty we want to thank God for
The beauty of lilacs
The beauty of autumn ...

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Words Against Death


All the immortals are moral:
Tubercular Kafka spared Treblinka
Lunatic Nietzsche banging a piano to oblivion
Great Tolstoy escaping to a railroad coach,
Gentle Yeats frigid at Ben Bulben.

What lives is a work and that imperfectly:

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