Savita Tyagi

Poems of Savita Tyagi

1. A Cherub Descends 9/24/2013
2. A Connecting Outlook 6/5/2013
3. A Day Of Thanksgiving 11/27/2013
4. A Floating Cloud 4/17/2012
5. A friend 8/3/2014
6. A Friendship Quilt 3/6/2014
7. A Frightening Dream 2/10/2014
8. A larger Identity 8/11/2014
9. A Piano 7/16/2012
10. A Poet's Heart 1/11/2014
11. A Point 1/4/2012
12. A Point Of No Return 2/26/2012
13. A Prayer For Guidance 3/16/2014
14. A Prayer For Peace 7/29/2014
15. A Short Meditation 2/26/2012
16. A song Of My Existence 4/11/2013
17. A Spring Like Day In Autumn l -new- 12/23/2014
18. A Spring Like Day In Autumn ll -new- 12/23/2014
19. A Walk In The Garden l 1/6/2014
20. A Walk In The Garden ll 1/6/2014


At the onslaught of winter stripped of their possessions trees stand in silent prayer.
Grey clouds hang low just above the black trees as if to kiss them goodbye
The milky white glow of moon creates a longing
Is it possible to reach out to unknown?
I get not answer in that cold and still night.
Flowers huddled together still spread their fragrance
Soon the merciless frost of winter will kill the bloom.
Gofers in my backyard have created mounds of dirt to settle deep in warm earth.

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