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Salvadore Ponce De Leon

Poems of Salvadore Ponce De Leon

1. Beautiful girl #1 8/21/2013
2. Dance, Dance, Dance 8/23/2013
3. Fading Photographs 8/28/2013
4. Fear the Beast 8/22/2013
5. My Beautiful Woman 8/22/2013
6. Noxious Feel 8/21/2013
7. The Zaffre Shine 9/24/2013
8. To You, My Mum 10/5/2013

Dance, Dance, Dance

Sitting on the porch
Reclined in a wicker chair bearing the signs of it's age
I stare wistfully into the garden
Watching the grass, watching the flowers
Dance, Dance, Dance
They sway to the rhythm of the wind
I marvel at the leaves holding valiantly against nature
I see the dying leaves lose their battle with mother nature
They let go, flutter, swoop, drift to the ground

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