Salvadore Ponce De Leon

Salvadore Ponce De Leon Poems

1. Dance, Dance, Dance 8/23/2013
2. Fear the Beast 8/22/2013
3. My Beautiful Woman 8/22/2013
4. Noxious Feel 8/21/2013
5. Beautiful girl #1 8/21/2013
6. Fading Photographs 8/28/2013
7. The Zaffre Shine 9/24/2013
8. To You, My Mum 10/5/2013

Noxious Feel

Before you leave you kiss me goodbye…
This is the silent hurt of you leaving me.
It gives me no warning by any means
—This awful pain of feeling at a loss.
It makes no difference to you. I know.
With this you make me swallow a bitter pill.
I gather strength and move away like a shadow.
I’m still and quiet.
It is an exit unknown and unmeasured by anyone.

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