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Poems of Ray Quesada

1. 50-card Steve 12/4/2012
2. A Bird Without A Nest 3/31/2013
3. A Homeless Man 10/4/2012
4. A Poem Sneaks Into the Room 4/4/2013
5. A Secret Shade Of Blue 9/25/2012
6. A Sincere Prayer and Wish for All 1/4/2013
7. And Time, A Burning Flame 10/4/2012
8. As The Rain Hits The Leaves 10/25/2012
9. At Long Last, At Dusk 12/4/2013
10. Autumn's Deathly Rust 9/26/2013
11. Bad Trip 8/25/2013
12. Blood in Your Heart 2/27/2013
13. Buddha Said Something About Emptiness (A Poem For Halley) 10/10/2012
14. Burn The Kings' Robes 10/4/2012
15. But She Is A Caring Soul - - - 3/28/2013
16. Creature Of Wings 10/16/2012
17. Death Sentence 10/2/2012
18. Epsilons In Nail Salons 10/25/2012
19. Every Ball of Yarn Unravelled 9/26/2013
20. Eyes of Silver 2/19/2013

A Secret Shade Of Blue

Pink is just a shade of Blue
with Purple in between
And Yellow is a shade of Pink,
and, the color that is Green,
I think, is a shade of Yellow too-
And Green, so colorful and clean,
is just a secret shade of Blue -
so if you asked me if Pink
was also Green
I'd tell you, Yes, it's True.

(March 14th,2012)

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