Ralph Hodgson

(9 September 1871 – 3 November 1962)

Ralph Hodgson Poems

1. Three Poems 4/19/2010
2. Babylon 4/19/2010
3. Time, You Old Gypsy Man, 4/19/2010
4. A Song 4/19/2010
5. The Royal Mails 4/19/2010
6. The Swallow 4/19/2010
7. The Song Of Honour 4/19/2010
8. February 4/19/2010
9. Ghoul Care 4/19/2010
10. Playmates 4/19/2010
11. The Beggar 4/19/2010
12. Reason Has Moons 4/19/2010
13. The House Across The Way 4/19/2010
14. The Bride 1/3/2003
15. The Mystery 4/19/2010
16. The Birdcatcher 4/19/2010
17. The Late Last Rook 4/19/2010
18. The Journeyman 4/19/2010
19. The Moor 4/19/2010
20. A Song Of Honour 4/19/2010
21. A Wood Song 1/3/2003
22. After 1/3/2003
23. Stupidity Street 4/19/2010
24. The Bull 4/19/2010
25. Eve 4/19/2010
26. The Bells Of Heaven 4/19/2010
27. The Gypsy Girl 4/19/2010
Best Poem of Ralph Hodgson

The Gypsy Girl

'Come, try your skill, kind gentlemen,
A penny for three tries!'
Some threw and lost, some threw and won
A ten-a-penny prize.

She was a tawny gypsy girl,
A girl of twenty years,
I liked her for the lumps of gold
That jingled from her ears;

I liked the flaring yellow scarf
Bound loose about her throat,
I liked her showy purple gown
And flashy velvet coat.

A man came up, too loose of tongue,
And said no good to her;
She did not blush as Saxons do,
Or turn upon the cur;

She fawned and whined, 'Sweet gentleman,
A ...

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A Song Of Honour

I climbed a hill as light fell short,
And rooks came home in scramble sort,
And filled the trees and flapped and fought
And sang themselves to sleep;
An owl from nowhere with no sound
Swung by and soon was nowhere found,
I heard him calling half-way round,
Holloing loud and deep;
A pair of stars, faint pins of light,

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