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1. The Bride On The Wait List 3/28/2013
2. May You Show Me Symbols If I Am Loved Back? 4/3/2013
3. After The War 5/30/2013
4. A Child Is Born 6/4/2013
5. Neighbor’s Hair (And Revenge Availed) 7/3/2013
6. I Am Confused 7/7/2013
7. A Quarrel Of Friends 7/10/2013
8. A Dry Riverside 7/25/2013
9. This Harvest 7/31/2013
10. Love’s Lost In A Devil’s Heart 8/6/2013
11. Everybody Needs It 8/8/2013
12. Road To Gray Hair 1/13/2013
13. The Formless Struggle 1/14/2013
14. Behind The Blind Mind 1/29/2013
15. Life Without Eyes 2/4/2013
16. I Want To Die When I Have No More Value 2/25/2013
17. In Such A Happiness 8/15/2013
18. Genni, Love Of My Heart 9/7/2013
19. Thoughts 10/1/2013
20. Silence Is Traitorous 10/13/2013
21. Free At Last 10/22/2013
22. He Might Begin The Nonsense 11/5/2013
23. Lion Country Tess 11/7/2013
24. The Hidden Part Of Me 11/12/2013
25. I Am The Toilet Cleaner 11/13/2013
26. Dreams Of Wars 11/14/2013
27. All Your Tears Have Formed An Ocean 11/21/2013
28. Liberated 12/1/2013
29. The Unknown Casualty 12/8/2013
30. Anger And Love 12/24/2013
31. Nasikika Nikisema 12/27/2013
32. City Born 2/3/2014
33. 1996 4/23/2014
34. The Woman I Would Also Marry 7/19/2014
35. The Direction 7/19/2014
36. The Man Never Came 7/21/2014
37. Whoever Came She Showed Letters 7/21/2014
38. Burying His Own 7/30/2014
39. Every One Deceives You 8/28/2014
40. She's Beautiful 8/28/2014
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I Refuse To Be Comforted

I hear voices now and again
Of losses of a beloved dear wife
So false and true to believe in vain
I remember her scent and our life
O how this sorrowful news sharpens
I refuse to be comforted
Because she’s no more
I want no condolence
Do not even come this near to share my grief
She will never come again
I am afraid to know what happened to her
I do not want to see what caused her departure
I am bitten and those snakes have run away
leaving with me only an angry wound
I have a reason to cry
I refuse to be comforted
I am worthy to follow
I ...

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Behind The Blind Mind

You said the man you talked with is blind
But he pointed out fingers to someone he's then unkind

You talked with a blind person
But he can give someone poison

You said he walks kind and tender
But cannot you accept as true he's a pretender

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