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1. The Bride On The Wait List 3/28/2013
2. May You Show Me Symbols If I Am Loved Back? 4/3/2013
3. After The War 5/30/2013
4. A Child Is Born 6/4/2013
5. Neighbor’s Hair (And Revenge Availed) 7/3/2013
6. I Am Confused 7/7/2013
7. A Quarrel Of Friends 7/10/2013
8. A Dry Riverside 7/25/2013
9. This Harvest 7/31/2013
10. Love’s Lost In A Devil’s Heart 8/6/2013
11. Everybody Needs It 8/8/2013
12. Road To Gray Hair 1/13/2013
13. The Formless Struggle 1/14/2013
14. Behind The Blind Mind 1/29/2013
15. Life Without Eyes 2/4/2013
16. I Want To Die When I Have No More Value 2/25/2013
17. In Such A Happiness 8/15/2013
18. Genni, Love Of My Heart 9/7/2013
19. Thoughts 10/1/2013
20. Silence Is Traitorous 10/13/2013
21. Free At Last 10/22/2013
22. He Might Begin The Nonsense 11/5/2013
23. Lion Country Tess 11/7/2013
24. The Hidden Part Of Me 11/12/2013
25. I Am The Toilet Cleaner 11/13/2013
26. Dreams Of Wars 11/14/2013
27. All Your Tears Have Formed An Ocean 11/21/2013
28. Liberated 12/1/2013
29. The Unknown Casualty 12/8/2013
30. Anger And Love 12/24/2013
31. Nasikika Nikisema 12/27/2013
32. City Born 2/3/2014
33. 1996 4/23/2014
34. The Woman I Would Also Marry 7/19/2014
35. The Direction 7/19/2014
36. The Man Never Came 7/21/2014
37. Whoever Came She Showed Letters 7/21/2014
38. Burying His Own 7/30/2014
39. Every One Deceives You 8/28/2014
40. She's Beautiful 8/28/2014
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I Refuse To Be Comforted

I hear voices now and again
Of losses of a beloved dear wife
So false and true to believe in vain
I remember her scent and our life
O how this sorrowful news sharpens
I refuse to be comforted
Because she’s no more
I want no condolence
Do not even come this near to share my grief
She will never come again
I am afraid to know what happened to her
I do not want to see what caused her departure
I am bitten and those snakes have run away
leaving with me only an angry wound
I have a reason to cry
I refuse to be comforted
I am worthy to follow
I ...

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New Clothes New Habits

New clothes new habits
That leaves the receptacle no deficits

And they gone to school with guts
Ask them megabytes, gigabytes

Why drain sooner until the last mourner
Find them in junctions, saloons in any corner

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