Lilac Wine

Best Poem of Lilac Wine

Loneliness Of The Soul

Loneliness of the soul is a journey without a destination
A journey that one takes alone no hand to hold
Walking her distance but nothing in sight
You see her horizon yet it’s untouchable

Loneliness of the soul is like the ocean
Blue and beckoning deceptively comforting
Calm yet a torrent rages beneath her cool surface
You see her horizon yet it’s unreachable

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All I Needed Was....

All I needed was a shoulder to lean on
I would never have soiled it with my tears
Just a place to rest my weary head
Just as I offered you mine

All I needed was someone to acknowledge my pain
I would never have caused you no harm
Just a word or two to soothe and heal
Just as I soothed and healed you

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